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Whole30 in July - Husband traveling a lot for work


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My husband and I start our Whole30 on July 6th. We're nervous enough about the changes, but we also found out he is going to be traveling A LOT in July for work. Typically when he goes out of town, he has to drive (loves to snack while he's driving) and he eats out every meal. He is in the field a lot doing work at sites, so not business meetings, etc.


I'm not sure how to help him with this. I think it's going to be very difficult for him to eat out--he's not the type to want to be "that guy" and have to request a ton of changes to a meal (or to try and remember all the changes he'd have to request). But, I'm afraid packing him a cooler full of food to have to prepare himself in a small hotel room, probably without a stove and maybe only having a small refrigerator, will be just as difficult.


Does anyone have any specific suggestions to help these times??


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Kristy,


I made a username just so I could answer this!  Most of my travel is paleo friendly, but with a few tweaks it can be whole30.  (I'm starting my whole30 today!)


Is there a grocery store near where he is traveling?  How about a whole foods? 


@ whole foods, or any sushi restaurant, he can stop and pick up sashimi.  Since he probably won't have coconut aminos, he can dip it in rice vinegar.  Just ask they should be able to provide him a little cup.  


@ any grocery store:  I also stop by the salad bar and make up HEAVY salads.  Just don't apply any dressing. He can put olive oil and red wine vinegar into the little dressing containers.   Or, you can buy all the ingredients and prepare in your hotel room.  Check out the rotisserie chicken, it may be whole30 OK.  


Other things I like to pick up

  • canned or pouched tuna fish,  mix with salsa (make sure there is no added sugar)
  • kale chips
  • carrots for the crunch!
  • beef jerkey
  • olives (no added sulfites)
  • epic bars
  • RX bar
  • hard boiled eggs
  • apples/bananas
  • deli meats (many are OK!) 

When I eat out with coworkers, most know i have to eat gluten free (celiacs).  I normally order guacamole with carrots and celery and a big ol' salad. Make sure he asks for just olive oil and vinegar (red wine is normally the safest since basalmic can have additives).  I am inform the server that I have severe allergies and if there are issues to let me know and I can adjust-- I also add that "I'm a pain in the butt, but I tip well"  Normally entices a smile and an understanding that the more they communicate with me, the less questions I will have to ask.  


There are also a TON on resources online.  Try googling, "whole30 while traveling."  There are a ton of resources on the whole30 site and other blogs.  


Good luck!

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I think this is less of an issue of "how to eat on the road" and more an issue of whether or not your husband wants to make this happen. If he wants to commit to doing a Whole30 this month, then he's going to have to sit down and do some problem solving on how to keep himself fed while on the trip. Or, if he decides to not be "that guy," he can decide on a better time later down the road to try a Whole30.


A pretty easy way to navigate the restuarant would be to request a salad with dry grilled protein (no oil, no butter) and only salt and pepper seasoning. He can bring oil and vinegar with him and use that to dress the salad to avoid all of the pitfalls of restuarant dressings. When he's in the hotel room, odds are good that he'll have a fridge and microwave so if you send him a cooler and a couple of microwave safe containers (plate, bowl, etc.) then all he has to do is reheat something whenever he's hungry. (Or just eat it straight from the cooler if he's in to that.)


My husband was gone for a weekend retreat during our last Whole30. The bunk house he stayed at provided meals, but there was no telling what they would offer so I sent him with a cooler full of salmon cakes, veggie fritters, hardboiled eggs, lizard sauce (from Well Fed 2), mayo, and I don't even remember what else. No one gave him grief for the cooler. If anything, they were envious that he had a spouse who would make all that awesome food for him.

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I'm very interested in this as well - my husband travels almost every week for work, so he won't have 30 days straight that he's home. He also flies, so that rules out a cooler. He doesn't have access to a rental car, and there are no grocery stores within walking distance. He basically has to eat out every meal, or maybe take a cab to a grocery store? He's also pretty picky, so canned tuna, olives, raw veggies for snacks, etc. would not work with him. I know it's up to whether or not he really wants to do it, but I'm afraid that all the obstacles are going to be too much for him. There's also the fact that it's every single week - getting by for one week is one thing, eating the same plain food week after week would get old fast. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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