2nd Whole 30 and the chatter in my head is worse!

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Day 4 of my 2nd W30...

I've been reading other people's logs, and particularly those who are doing a 2nd and 3rd Whole 30 and I'm seeing a theme... Starting and stopping... Giving in to "days off". Deciding "in the moment" to go off plan. Now I'm not judging here, just really trying to learn and applying other people's experiences to my own. I want to learn more about what to do, and what not to do. And I fully understand why and how this could potentially be my experience too. The distinction between my first attempt and this one (my 2nd) is the noise/ chatter in my head has changed. It's like my saboteur realized it was ineffective the first time, so it changed tactics and is coming at me another way. It's only Day 4, I'm on my first cup of coffee, and reflecting on how many times over the last 72 hours my head tried to make an excuse to cheat... from as small as licking peanut butter off a knife I used to make a PB&J for my daughter, to all out plans to go off for a day and start over. I DO NOT WANT TO BE THAT GUY. I do not want to do that to myself. I do not want to give up my integrity, my vow to myself, and this gift of health that I am desperately trying to make into my new normal.


So here's my promise.... for the rest of this Whole 30 I will NOT go off plan on a whim. Any "cheat" that is going to happen will have to be a conscious choice that was planned ahead and there are things I will require myself to do before I give up.


1) I must call (not text) my acountabili-buddy and discuss my plan to cheat. (This will likely stop me in my tracks, however, if I'm still unsure I go to step 2 and perhaps discuss the list with her.)


2) I must read through the massive list of Non-Scale Victories in the Whole 30 book. I must read it slowly, acknowledging any and all NSVs I have experienced. (If, after steps 1 and 2, I am still on a mission to eat off plan, then step 3.)


3) I must prepare my own cheat meal at home. No store bought cupcakes. If I want a cupcake and I've gotten as far as committing to eating one, then I have to bake it myself.


That's my plan. If anyone would like to "pinky promise" with me please feel free. I could use all the good energy I can muster. :D





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I'm in my 2nd Whole 30, and I *would* pinky promise with you but "cheating", whether I plan it out or not is NOT ALLOWED during my whole 30. That's the only way I survive the chatter in my head.  My answer is NO - you can have that after the 30 days (now only 23 days) is up if you still want xyz. Luckily I'm a Taurus so I'm as stubborn as the day is long. Once I decide to do something I do it. period. 


I wish you luck, and I applaud your contingency plan. I hope it works for you.  For me it would open the door to that evil part of my brain that I have to keep closed right now.  :ph34r:

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If you want good energy, I suggest that instead of focusing to Not go off plan (along with having a cheat strategy), focus on what strategies you will use to experience 30 consecutive compliant Whole30 days.

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