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Day 4 of my W30: May have gotten high off a sweet potato...


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I'm on winding down on Day 4 of my Whole30. I'm a fighting a sugar-addiction, so I challenged myself to go fruitless/starch-less for the first seven days. I've been doing well. A bit of carb-flu yesterday, a serious internal dialogue about a cookie that was offered to me at work (I abstained) but overall, feeling good (plus, I do detect a bit of 'skin glow')

However, today, I got a late start, had busy day, and I forgot to eat. And by the time I did, I had been up for 7 hours. And I ate what I could find, which was a some baby carrots and some W30 acceptable guac.

Four hours later, I came home and ate two portions of protein (grilled chicken) and a sweet potato mash with a bit of cinnamon and garlic.

Within 10 minutes of eating that meal, I began to feel warm inside. Not in a 'the AC is broken' way, but in a 'Christmas morning/there's a new car in my stocking' sort of way. I feel it in my gut. I even feel it in my ears; I'm literally tingling--it feels like a bit of a high.

As I said in the beginning, I'm doing my best to go sugarless/carbless--it's been mostly greens and fish for me the past few days. So, the addition of the sweet potato is new and I'm assuming that's the culprit. At any rate, is what I described a normal reaction? Why am I so hot--should i be concerned?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Addi - I know your post has been out for a few weeks but it caught my attention. I'm at the end of week 3, during my first week I felt similar to how you were feeling... i don't think it was the sweek potato, but just simply feeling GOOD! (imagine James Brown saying that).

I told my husband that it was a combo of the feeling you get when you have your first glass of wine, before actually getting buzzed, and when you have a little too much coffee - but better. I was off and on euphoric and thought maybe I was having a mid life crisis :-)

I've balanced out a little but still feel great. Hope you are doing well!

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