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Second time around - the best is yet to come!


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I'm BAAAACK....14 lbs. heavier and so achy I hate going to the gym. In other words, I really need to "clean-up" my act! My official re-start date is Aug. 1st but I'll go shopping today and get myself in a positive mode (quit beating myself up) between now and then. 


My whole family is wracked with autoimmune and other health problems like diabetes, high b/p, high cholesterol and hypo-thyroid. One younger sister died from a brain aneurism several years ago and another (younger) sister has been diagnosed with arteriosclerosis. Siblings, children and grandchildren have all succumbed to the "medication fixes all problems" society.  I've avoided most of these problems, bordering on others, and want to live an active, healthy life as long as possible. 


I know from the first 30 that food has a huge effect on my body. And probably my emotions and thought process!


Ok, Kathleen, time to get back on track! Sugar is NOT a treat - feeling good and participating in LIFE is a TREAT!!


Do not go gentle into that good night! There is still more life ahead! :)

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Ok, this is NOT the way to start the first day...or any day. I could not sleep last night. Just as I was dozing off (3:30) the electricity went out and the smoke alarm started beeping. Got up, ate a HB egg and half an avocado, and played a computer game. Laid down again about 5:30. Just dozed off and the electricity came back on...yep, the smoke alarm beeped. Finally got an hour and 1/2 sleep...woke up wide awake.


Sooo, I got dressed, had a couple of cups of coffee, got dressed to go to the Farmer's Market. After which I had planned to go to the gym, drop off a gift for a friend, then come home and start cooking.


Are ya' ready? Went out to my car - the battery was DEAD! Grrr...

Luckily, I have a wonderful son who came [almost] right over and got my car going! But standing around while it got going, my foot started hurting (seeing a doc about this next week) and I'm dying of heat in my black gym clothes. Got changed and decided to still go to the Farmer's Market. It's 11:00 now and I'm starving. Lots of yummy food at the FM. Hoping to find something with meat and veggies. I see a sign for Almond milk ice cream. Ooo, non-dairy! Completely blanked out on sugar...ate 1 scoop and felt sick. Good lesson but I really hated BLOW-IT on my first day! :wacko:


I'm home now and ready to cook up some Chicken thighs, chicken livers, onions, beets, zucchini, and pattypan squash. Also got a beautiful tomato and some red kale.

Will get myself to the gym a little later - even if my foot starts hurting half way through, some is better than none. And take the gift to my friend, who is also my son's mother-in-law ;)


Food plan for today -

B - HB egg and half an avocado

     Almond milk ice cream (unplanned and BIG mistake!)

L - Chicken livers, onions, sliced tomato

D - Chicken thigh, pattypan squash, salad


I'm not perfect. But at least I care. Are there any more beautiful words in the English language than "I'll see you tomorrow"?!! :D

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B - HB egg and half an avocado



No wonder you were starving!!

Take another look at the meal template and make sure you build your meals around it starting tomorrow, remembering that when eggs are your only source of protein you should be eating as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, which is 3-4 for most people - following the template will REALLY help in avoiding the temptation to indulge in any more off limit treats & keep you right on track!!

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