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Day 30 in the bag! boom!


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I am on my last day today and really enjoying lovely food. Steak and eggs for breakfast, chicken salad with pineapple and cashew nuts for lunch :) 

30 days ago I was a complete sugar addict, eating breakfast and then wanting sweets or chocolate immediately after and snacking all day at work, when I was stressed, tired, as a 'reward' in the evening and so on. 

Now, 30 days without chocolate, biscuits, cake, sweets.... I am so impressed with myself that I did it! 

My skin is glowing, my eczema has almost entirely cleared up, I am much calmer and my energy levels are more stable. I can go for many hours without food if I need to and whilst I feel hungry it's not the end of the world like it used to be, I don't need to eat RIGHT NOW! and I can cope with another half an hour while dinner cooks etc. 

I still think there is some way to go with slaying the sugar dragon completely and changing a lifetime of a poor relationship with food but I am definitely on the way. 

I have IBS- during the whole30 I have not had bloating or pain or trapped wind. It has taken a long time for my poos to settle down, I cut out FODMAPS on day 20 and started taking acidophilus and it is gradually getting there now. I think this is going to be a long experimental process and I have already learned so much about what affects me. 

Mostly I am just very proud of myself for sticking with it :) 

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Hahaha, everyone has been commenting on this profile pic on facebook! but it's about 7 years old so it's a total cheat! I will do a proper updated one with my laughter lines in! 

Thanks for all the support, I will be posting more about poo as I reintro different foods, don't you worry :)

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