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Ok, I'm Kirsteen, age 61, and live in Scotland. I have M.E., have had it for 6 years, have also been in and out of hospital with gallbladder isues and developed breast cancer last year. I'm still undergoing treatment but it's looking good. Obviously with all these issues, I need to look after my health and I've always believed that has to start with a healthy diet.

BUT and it's a big BUT - what is a healthy diet? I've always tried to eat a whole food mainly unprocessed diet. Years ago I went on the Carbohydrate Addicts program and loved it but eventually drifted off. Then with the gallbladder issues my nutritionist put me on a diet of chicken, fish and steamed veg. Not only was that boring - it didn't work. Then I went vegan and in fact raw vegan for about a year. Ethically, I was a happy bunny but had to admit my health was getting worse so I added in some cooked grains and pulses and then some organic meat. I was also trying to follow some cancer protocols - I gave up dairy (I'd given up gluten about 12 years ago) but I still felt totally conflicted with all the different advice I was getting.

I then found the Primal Diet and the lighbulb came on - this was what I wanted, reminded of my old low carb days and made a lot of sense but I still kept looking. Then I found this site and Ta Da! - the lightbulbs exploded with glorious fanfares. I downloaded the book, read every single post in the 'Can I have' section, ordered the W30 daily posts and started today. This is definitely the program for me. I've commited to it and am going to keep a food log in the blog section to be accountable.Wish me luck folks

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