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Day 20


  • M1: fried egg with onion and pepper hash
  • M2: 2 hot dogs with tomato/veggie salad, balsamic vinaigrette and a tiny pear that was like a quarter of a fist in size
  • M3: Grilled chicken, tomato/veggie salad, balsamic vinaigrette, balsamic marinated beets, a couple of figs
Entertained again tonight. A friend of D's, let's call her Mary, came over for the second half of the day. She's a "low meat" type of eater, which actually works out pretty well. And it encourages me to have more than one veggie to ensure she's not just eating a pile of carrots for dinner.
2/3 done. I set out my re-intro schedule on my calendar. It's going to take a whole nother month. That's crazy.
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Day 21


  • M1: palm of Tuna salad and a handful of beets, black tea
  • M2: palm of beef roast with juice, handful of sauerkraut, white tea
  • M3: palm and a half of baked chicken, small open handful of brussels sprouts, closed handful of potato
I managed to eat about half of my breakfast in the kitchen, rather than at my desk. I did run out of time, but it was a good start. I would have had more time if I'd gotten to be at a decent hour last night. But I still can't seem to manage that one. On the up side my first hour of work was an all employee meeting so I was able to not do much while I finished breakfast. And I did finish it within an hour of starting it, not just peter off at 11:30 and move onto lunch. :)
Been thinking about my re-intro plan again. I know I'm still about 10 days out, but I wanted to have a plan so I don't blow it. I am probably going overboard with the slow roll, but I really want to use this opportunity to the best of my ability. It looks like re-intro will take me at least 30 days. Reflecting on this, I haven't met my goals for sleep and activity, and I'm still struggling with meal cadence and finishing my meals discretely and such. I'm still struggling with ensuring I have breakfast, I have to put a lot of thought into it. So, another 30 days, with careful re-intro days sprinkled through it, doesn't sound like a bad plan.
Went out to dinner for the first time. I was terrified. But we went to one of our favorite restaurants, and they already have good whole foods on the menu. They accommodated me beautifully, confirming they would use only olive oil and no butter, they let me know about trace amounts of sugar in certain items, and made me a sauce on the fly since the one in the dish wasn't compliant. I was thrilled, and it was tasty. And I'm confident I wasn't exposed to soy, peanut or butter.
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Day 22


  • M1: palm of tuna salad, handful of veggie salad (forgot the dressing though), black tea
  • M2: palm of roasted beef
  • M3: palm(?) of ground sausage with peppers and onions, heaping handful of veggie salad with balsamic vinaigrette, mini pear and a mini banana (together about a fist of fruit)
More swallowing trouble. No coconut as far as I know. I guess there's a chance there was some in my dinner last night, but they told me they were using olive oil and were really good about checking in on other ingredients they wondered about. But I had some swallowing issues at dinner, which I had chocked up to eating to fast and not chewing properly. And then again at lunch today. Maybe it's the same issue, it was stringy beef, maybe I didn't chew well. At any rate, I managed to get through it but it took longer than I would have linked. Still finished within an hour and a half though.
I find it a little challenging to estimate the protein portion when I make a stir fry, but I did my best with dinner. I ate enough at any rate.
Oh oh, and I was in bed with my eyes closed by 11 last night. Aaaand, I'm heading to bed now and on track for it again tonight. Yay.
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Day 23


  • M1: 3/4 of a palm of sausage with peppers and onions, veggie salad with balsamic vinaigrette, mint green tea
  • M2: half a palm of chicken and 1 hot dog (totaling a plam I think), cabbage with onions and peppers, mini pear (half a fist or less), mint green tea
  • M3: palm and a half of Sole, a red pepper, a carrot and 4 spears of asparagus, and a ghee shallot caper sauce
Irritable today, though I can't tell if that's just annoying things at work or me being easily annoyed. Seemed like it was all day though.
I go back and forth about body composition. Last night I though "huh, stomach is feeling flatter, that's good", I'm guessing a reduction in bloating. But I'm not finding my clothes fit any better. I fit into a pair of jeans I couldn't, noted in a post from a week or so ago. But what I discovered is that while I could put them on, sitting in them all day at work was not pleasant. Tried a different pair today, same situation. Bear in mind these are my regular jeans I had for a long time and only recently "grew" out of. I know I'm just now putting focus on my sleep behavior, and I know that I don't drink enough water though it's certainly more than I used to. I'm not snacking, though I am having about a fist of fruit a day. It's just frustrating. Aside from being more alert (from eating breakfast) I'm not really seeing any difference. Maybe I should post in the "Off track/Staying on track" forum. :/
Got into an odd conversation about how healthy or not hot dogs are with my room-mate and the house cleaner. That was weird. I'm sautéing up a compliant dog, my room-mate is stuffing his face with Hebrew Nationals straight from the fridge, and the house keeper is telling us "did you know they say hot dogs aren't healthy now?". I said "mine is!!", and listed off what's NOT in it. Honestly, I don't love these hot dogs, the same way I don't love the compliant bacons. But I AM looking forward to working out whether that's the missing sugar or the sulfites. But that's down the road.
Aaand, heading to bed on time again. Yeah!
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Day 24

  • M1: 3/4 of a palm of chicken apple sausage fried in avocado oil, black tea
  • M1.5, second try about an hour later: Beets with oil and balsamic
  • M2: palm of chicken apple sausage fried in avocado oil, beets with oil and balsamic, black tea
  • M3: broiled mackerel, some romaine lettuce, veggie salad (tomatoes and cucumbers and basil) with Tessamae's balsamic vinaigrette, mini pear (not quite half a fist)
Urg. Got about a quarter through my M1 sausage and started having swallowing trouble. Some of it came back up. On the up side, about an hour later, my stomach was grumbling, which I read as "feed me" so I tried again and was more successful this time.
I double checked the sausage for conconut and there isn't any. Had the exact same thing for lunch and was sure to chew chew chew and it went fine. So, I need to chew better. It's so hard to remember to do.
Discovered last night that I'm one of the lucky ones that gets gassy from cabbage. I was able to even relate another day recently where I had saurkraut and similar issues. So, that's worth experimenting a bit more with.
Went out to dinner for the second time tonight. D decided not to eat breakfast or dinner, and didn't have any protein with his dinner last night. Sigh. So he got home in a mood and wanted sushi. So we went to sushi. The broiled mackerel had "nothing but salt" so I ordered it. When I receive it, it had a small side of steamed veggies drizzled with teryaki. So I tore of the little corner of fish that was soiled, inspected the rest, and aside from a sprinkle of sesame it seemed like they had been telling the truth. I think I'm safe!! And I ate the "salad" with nothing on it, which was fine as an appetizer. I LOVE mackerel. I may go back on my rice intro day and get that again (sans teryaki) so I can enjoy the fish with some rice. But honestly, it was pretty fine all by itself. Came home and had a veggie salad and a bit of fruit to round things out.
And went to bed on time, yeah!
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Day 25

  • M1: palm of chicken apple sausage fried in avocado oil, few bites of veggie salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  • M2: half a palm of broiled mackerle (not enough protein), heaping handfull of veggie salad with balsamic vinaigrette, closed handfull (or less) of asian pumpkin seeds, haping handful of figs
  • M3: palm of grilled chicken, closed handful + of bietola and onions with garlic and olive oil, heaping handful of roasted brussels sprouts, 1/3 of an asian pear, herbal tea
Water: 50 oz (mint tisane, cocoa mint tisane,  and water)
Sleep: 8 hours
Exercise: nada
Made a mistake on breakfast. I didn't get up early enough to make it and eat before work. By the time 10:30 rolled around and I realized I was nibbling at my veggies, I set them aside for lunch instead. So, not a rounded meal for breakfast, though I did feel satiated.
My leftover fish for lunch was less protein than I meant to have. :/ It was soooo good though. Due to my missing veggies with breakfast, and waiting an additional hour to eat lunch because of the nibbling, I was definitley hungry for lunch. What's funny is I didn't feel it until I started putting food in my mouth, but then I was eating very quickly (for me).
Feeling a little crampy so I'm going to take that as my queue to ensuring I have a fair amount of carbs in my meals for the next week. Mmmm, figs. I can pull out the yams and sweet potatoes I bought and do something with them too I guess.
So, I hadn't actually read It Starts With Food. But I have a copy now, and I'm skimming through it. Well, I'm skimming the bits I already know, and reading the bits I don't. Just got through the hormones section, some of which I knew but not in that level of intricacy and interactivity. And the cortisol thing is what really hit home for me. I better understand caffeine's potential impact on my weight loss goals now. I'm going to limit my caffeine to the general range of M1. I've been drinking a lot more tea than usual on my Whole30, it was just more palatable, and I can drink way more of it than coffee so I was getting more fluids. But I'll cut down to tea once in the morning, and then switch to herbal after that. Which means I need more herbals cause I really only have mint and sleepy time. :)  I already knew that caffeine after about 2pm affects my sleep. I had no idea it affected how my body chooses it's energy sources.
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Day 26

  • M1: 2 eggs and a hot dog. I'm estimating a palm and a half of protein there. Heaping handful of peppers and onions, half a thumb of avocado oil, heaping handful of bietola with onions and garlic and oil
  • M2: 2+ heaping handfulls of shakshuka (3 eggs, 2 cups of tomato, half a bell pepper, 1/4 of an onion, some garlic and some oil), fist and a half of banana
Water: 46 oz (tea, herbal tea, and water)
Sleep: 9.5 hours
Exercise: Some walking
Due to the time I wake up and the activities in my day, I still struggle with a 3 meal day on the weekends. I started cooking when I woke up. I started cooking my second meal about 5 hours after that. At least it seemed so. But it took a while and I don't think I started eating until 7 hours after my first meal. I was hungry but not dying. Although I did eat a lot. That was so late there was no chance of another meal after. I dunno, the only carbs I had at breakfast were in the onions. My blood sugar was a-ok.
Bought some of my re-intro foods. Bit startling to think I can buy them now and put them in the cupboard and they'll be fine for the week or two before I need them.
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Oops.. forgot to mention banana. The original recipe has mango chutney in it.. but commerical chutney has sugar in it.. so unless I make homemade chutney, I just mix in a bit of mango and add some cinnamon and ginger to the mayo along with the curry powder. Just ignore all this if it doesn't appeal to you!

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Day 27

  • M1: palm of eggs, half a palm of hot dog, closed handful of onion and peppers, handful of beets
  • M2: half a palm of chicken thigh, handful of beets
  • M3: palm and a half of meatballs, handful of tomato sauce with tomato junks, handful of delicata squash, fist of artichoke with a little big of mayo, half a fist of pear
Water: 30 oz
Sleep: 9 hours
Exercise: farmer's carry of a huge haul from the farmers market to my car, plenty of walking
I found fresh coconut chunks at the store yesterday and couldn't resist buying them. I figure D will eat them, but otherwise I'm not sure what I was thinking. I can't move my coconut day up to next week because I don't want it anywhere near my cycle starting. I'm putting "safer" foods on those days, once I'm really not expecting a reaction from. But I really have to know on the coconut thing. Sigh, they look so good, I really want to grab some chunks and add them as a side to my meals. Shouldn't have bought them.
We went to bed last night and Friday night about 2 hours later than I had been targetting for work nights. I still got 8+ hours of sleep but something wasn't right this morning. I woke up feeling groggy and tired fatigued. My guess is, after reading the chapter about it in ISWF, cortisol levels were off. Supplimented with a black tea, and had a big breakfast and I was fine. But it's an interesting observation. 
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Day 28

  • M1: palm of egg; closed handful of spinach, tomatoes, garlic and shallot; closed handful of kalamata olives; handful of beets; black tea
  • M2: 2 palms of rib-eye, two heaping handfuls of grilled zucchini that was slathered i olive oil and salt, herbal tea
Water: 20 oz
Sleep: 7 hours
Exercise: negligible
Mary cooked breakfast for us today. Gave her a bit of a challenge having to omit some things from her dish, but she did well. And everyone was fed a delicious meal. We added some cheese for everyone else.
Nearly made some lamb bacon with sugar in it today. I bought it at the farmers market intending it for after my whole30, it's otherwise compliant. Everyone was excited about it and wanted it for breakfast and I had it thawed and open before I read the label and remembered why I didn't want to have it. Whew. I'm glad we didn't make it and everyone had it but me, or I ate it on accident or something.
So close to day 30. Wow. It's all downhill from here.
Got a chance to talk a little bit about Whole30 with Mary and M. Without going into a lot of detail, more about what an elimination diet really is and entails.
Realized that I can add Genmai Cha to the list of foods on corn day. Woohoo. 
No Meal 3 today. Ate a really big meal 2 around 5 or so. Figured I'd eat again if I was hungry but I wasn't, despite prepping some veggies for the week. So that was that. D hates it, but I think weekend days may just average 2 meals for me. I ate M1 as soon as was possible though, considering the way the morning went. It was the first thing we did once everyone was all up.
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Day 29

  • Wake: 8:20 am
  • M1: 8:40 am - Palm and a half of grilled chicken, handful of beet greens with some oil, black tea
  • M2: 1:30 pm - palm and a half of grilled chicken, handful of golden beets with oil and white balsamic, heaping handful of figs, mint tea
  • M3: 8:20 pm - palm and a quarter of flank steak, closed hand of avocado tomatillo dressing that was basically guacamole, heaping handful of asparagus with plenty of oil still on it, quarter of a fist of pear
  • Bedward: 10:15 pm
  • Bed: 11:15 pm
Sleep: 8 hours
Water: 80 oz - tea, herbal tea, water
Exercise: nope
Going to try a different format to monitor my eating and sleeping cadence a little better. I sort of wish I'd done this to begin with but I also think it would have been too much at the start. It might be too much now and I'll stop, but going to give it a try.
Had a weirdly classic few minutes this morning trying to get my tea put together. First I dumped the leaves right into the cup, instead of into the strainer basket, then I tried to put the strainer basket back where the spoon came from. After that things looked up, but I was like... WTH? I even woke up before my alarm, there wasn't really a reason to be a groggy caffeine monster.
Accidental stevia consumption today. I was re-arranging my tea today because I had purchased a bunch of herbals so I had fun drinks without caffeine through the day. Came across one with kava in it. I remembered not not liking kava so I was about to toss it, but it's really hard to justify throwing away a tea. So I thought, well, try it first and then if you hate it toss it. So I made a cup and sat down to review it on Steepster. I was about 3 oz in, reviewing how it tastes mighty fine and had a touch of sweetness, which I attributed to the licorice root. Then I reread the ingredients, and stevia leaf was listed at the end. I will not be starting over due to this. My primary goals involved identifying whether I have food sensitivities, and eating well.  Slaying a sugar dragon wasn't on my list and has not been much of an issue at all. I also don't tend to consume stevia as a general rule because I tend not to like it as a sweetener, although it was alright here. At any rate, I don't find this to be a detriment to my whole30, nor was it an intential sweet consuming incident. So I'm ok with it.
On a related note, I had some cravings for baked goods after I tossed that tea out. But it also could have been due to looking at instagram and seeing SWYPO items even on the Paleo feeds. So many treats, come on people, stop it!
A couple of years ago I learned a lesson about handling large quantities of jalapeño with bare hands. Today, apparently, I decided that I could manage just one without ill affect. I was wrong. This is why I bought kitchen gloves. I HAVE them, they were only two feet away from where I stood to chop the jalapeño. So I have now learned the lesson that even one requires gloves. And to top it off, I have no milk in the house to sooth my fingers! Good grief. Also, the jalapenos I bought at the farmers market are apparently monstrously hot.
I have company coming over Thursday and I'm fretting about how to fix the short ribs. I want to use NomNom's Korean Shortrib recipe, but it has all kinds of coconut in it. I could do my coconut re-intro day that day, especially since I also have fresh coconut meat in my fridge that I stupidly bought. But I was specifically planning to not do coconut right at the beginning of my cycle so as not to convolute a reaction with potential hormone reaction. I dunno. I guess if I start before Thursday it will be fine, cause my stomach troubles are traditionally about 2 days prior. I could also just do a second coconut re-intro day to be sure, cut it out again till then if I do seem to have a reaction. Argh, why can't i find any other good looking recipes. Maybe the balsamic one, sans honey.
I'm definitely finding that right around 10 I begin feeling tired now. I'm reading my bodies messages so much better, and it's expecting better from me.
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Day 30!

  • Wake: 8:25 am
  • M1: 9:00 am to 10:30 am - 1.5 palms of protein (chicken thigh and skirt steak), closed hand of avocado tamatillo sauce, heaping handful of beets, hazelnut black tea
    • Took too long to eat breakfast because I didn't get to bed on time, didn't get enough sleep, and had trouble getting up. I should learn from this chain of events.
  • M2: 1:30 pm to 1:50 pm - 1.25 palms of hot dog, closed handful of onion, heaping handful of grilled zucchini, oils on all, lemon tea
  • "snack": 5:30 pm - half a fist of bone broth
    • I was starting to feel hungry and a little off, but it was too early to eat. So I thought I'd try some of the bone broth I made. It worked liked a charm
  • M3: 8:15 pm 9:00 pm - 2 palms of chicken thigh, closed handful of tomatillo avocado sauce, handful of grilled zucchini, heaping handful of beats, 2 figs
  • Bedward: 10:10 pm
  • Bed: 11:00 pm
Sleep: 7.5 hrs
Water: 47 oz
Exercise: meh
Well, its the last full day. I don't think I'll be posting in the Success Stories forum yet. But I will be looking over my goals, and doing the write-ups suggested.
I have decided against doing the coconut re-intro on Thursday just so I can make the tasty recipe for my friends. Instead they get an untried recipe... suck it friends! :D  It was just too risky. Plus if coconut does bother me, I don't want to feel lousy for game night.
And that's 30 days! Woohoo!
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Post Whole 30 Follow Up

Nutrition: I will drink at least two full pint glasses of water a day
  • I achieved some, but not all.
  • I got better with this in the second half. I started drinking a lot more tea (I'm counting this), and then even switched to herbals at which point I was drinking even more of it. In my final days I even hit the actual recommended amount of fluid intake.
  • I honestly haven't noticed much difference, although with the herbal teas I want to drink more through the day where I usually don't.
Sleep: I will be in bed by 11pm on Work Nights, 4/5 nights.
  • I achieve some, but not all.
  • This also got better as time went on. Somewhere around day 20 or 25 I set an alarm for 10pm. This was magical. An hour is the perfect amount of time for me to close out what I'm doing on the computer, take my dishes up and wash them, do bedtime rituals, and get into bed. I've still had some struggles, but they were largely me fighting myself to play with my phone. So, I need to make sure I'm doing those phone things when the alarm goes off, not after I crawl into bed.
  • This has made a big difference. I find myself waning around 10, after just a week or so of doing this. I can sense my tiredness now that I'm getting enough sleep. Initially I could really sense the improvement in my cortisol rhythm in the mornings as well, but the last few days I've woken up groggy. So I think I may need more sleep the week before my cycle. I'm definitely going to keep working on this.
Exercise: I will go on a walk of no less than 30 minutes at least once a week for the next 30 days
  • I did not achieve anything I set out to do
  • Nope, nada. I /looked/ at some body weight programs to do at home. D vetoed the pay for ones, didn't offer any alternatives. I may go ahead and do that anyway so I can work on this.
Fun and Play: I will complete my book and begin another over the next 30 days.
  • I achieved everything I wanted and then some.
  • I think I finished 3 books in my whole30 and I'm most of the way through another. Pretty sweet.
Personal Growth: I will try one new recipe a week for the next 30 days.
  • I achieved some but not all
  • Honestly I forgot about this one. But I think I may have done it on accident. I mean that's only 4 new recipes and I'm pretty sure I did that. Let's see: Mayo, Ketchup, Nom Nom's Korean Short Ribs, Hawaiian Pork, Hanger Steak and avocado tomatillo, and Nom Nom's balsamic beets. I just don't know if I might have had a week where one of those didn't fall. Meh. I did well either way.
After Action Report
What went well: 
After the first few days, having food on hand for each meal went well. I always had what I needed for a proper template meal. Having people over also went well. Turns out pretty much everyone we know is familiar with Paleo or already doesn't eat wheat or whatever. I only ate out twice, but that went well. After re-intro where I know what I need to really care about and not I expect that will be easier and I'll return to doing it more.
Eating breakfast! After ShannonM816 responded to my first log encouraging me to work on it, and why, I really tried. And over a few days it got easier, and better, and on template. And it changed my day completely. My mood, aside from on one notable hormonal day, was even and chipper all day long. I was just so consistent and present. I expect I'll struggle to continue eating vegetables fro breakfast because it still doesn't feel normal, it's a conscious decision, but I've done really well with it so far. Thank goodness for leftovers.
What could have gone better: 
Meal planning could have gone better. Picking out a specific dish for each meal before I went shopping was impossible for me. It made me anxious and was just a non-starter. I was able to decide on a few dinner dishes. And then just... shopped. It usually meant at least one more trip to the grocery store during the week. And some days, like today, it meant stress between D and I because I wanted some support on knowing that what I was feeding him wouldn't be detestable to him, but not really getting what I needed out of the conversation.
Feeling confident enough to eat out more would have been nice. I have definitely been cooped up in my house. My friend's coming to me. I will need to get out more in the next 30 days despite re-intro so I'm going to need to face this more.
I still had trouble a lot of the time with eating and not being on the computer/working at the same time. Because of my swallowing problems I'm already a slow eater, and getting distracted while I'm eating just exacerbates that. I may need to go to bed even earlier than I am to fix this.
What I'll do going forward: 
Work on getting more physical activity in. Going for regular walks. Doing some strength training.
Work on my meal timing so I'm not eating and working at the same time.
Continue to eat 3 template meals and avoid snacking in an effort to continue the slow roll of weight loss I'm seeing. I'm hoping it'll be a snowball effect, but either way. I really want to see my hormones under control.
General Completion Thoughts
No tiger blood. Or at least, not what I'd call tiger blood. Although I am "busier" now. I find a lot of things that I need to get up and do, and less excuses not to. I spend less time in the evening just glued to my computer. Still a lot, to be sure, but less. Though I think this is more the amount of food prep I need than the food I'm actually eating. :)
I'm down one pant size I think. Unfortunately that means I now fit into my pants, rather than not fitting into any of them. But I'll still take it. Apparently I was UP a size when I started.
I'm down 7.5 lb, and due to the point in my cycle I suspect that might be more like 9 or so in a couple days. Measurements are only slightly changed as well. a few cm down across the board except in the waist which is exactly the same. I have a narrower waist than belly though so losing a couple cm above and below my actual waist was still some small improvement.
I had an interesting mixture of skin changes. My hormonal acne does seem improved, but that took many days to come to fruition. And I still have some, but it's not bad and it seems to be resolving faster and better. But i started getting more body acne, which is weird and annoying. 
I learned that carb intake the week prior to my cycle makes me feel... fine. This was something. I never felt like a sugar hound prior to my cycle, although there was usually one "chocolate" day in there where a hot chocolate was a mandatory food item. But that was about it. My symptoms were what I considered average. Some irritability, some bloating, some cramping, some fatigue. But by no means terrible or as bad as other ladies have it. I was stunned that, in part due to reading about the idea, I was able to identify that my body needed something... and feed myself extra carbs and read from my body that it was what my body wanted. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of the above symptoms were significantly reduced. They were still present, but just barely.
I learned that I need to chew. That some of the swallowing and digestive issues I perceived were food related are really and truely me not chewing enough for what my body (my damaged esophagus) needs. D already knew this, but I hadn't quite taken it to heart.
I learned that I will still get the one bad digestion day on my cycle, but that I think I can make it less bad. I look forward to seeing what another month of Whole30 (with re-intro days sprinkled in) will mean for my next cycle. And I look forward to seeing if I can identify what foods might be contributing to it.
I learned that my bad digestion day (night) causes nightmares, or at least bad dreams. I think I sort of knew this, but I really put the pieces together this month.
I learned that I like figs and pears, and that I very much enjoy having a small side of them with a meal. I also learned that figs might be a food with no breaks and I have to put a specific portion on my plate and pack the rest away. That seemed to work though. I may have grabbed a fig on days I started cooking dinner too late, but it was while I was cooking. I didn't get it as a between meals snack. And considering I never had any food with no breaks before Whole30, I actually find this an interesting discovery.
I learned that my sugar dragon is small, or seems that way in comparison to what others seem to be faced with.
I managed to not snack at all during my Whole30. The closest I came was nibbling on something while preparing my meal, so lets call it an appetizer. And the bone broth on Day 30. Coming to understand the hormonal purpose of not snacking and grazing all day was one of the most significant lessons that I can apply ongoing and I think will really benefit me. And honestly I should have known from other information I have learned but it just wasn't spelled out so clearly.
I learned that herbal tea really suits me. It helped me drink more fluids. Turns out there are some things I don't like, which is why I thought I didn't like herbal teas. But it also turns out there are some things I REALLY like. I'm excited to continue exploring herbal teas and enjoying them.
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