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9/8 is my Day 1 - I'm feeling Great


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Well, if you had told me a week ago that I would be doing this I would have laughed! A coworker put an article about wheat on my desk last week and that lead me to reasearching the internet and I found Whole9 and Whole 30. I'm excited about this new world - have already been sleeping better and feel more upbeat. I also don't have my normal cravings for sugar and baked things, so this seems too easy right now. I just printed out the shopping list and started. I realized yesterday that I wasn't sure I was eating the right balance of foods, but now I've read the Meal Planning sheet and think I've got it right! I'm hoping that this will give me an overall health boost - less aches and pains (inflamation) and better mood and energy. I sprained my ankle earlier this year and hope to start exercising more. My goal isn't weight loss but that would be a great benefit.

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