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Extreme Couponer Starting Sun. Aug. 16th

Kayla Heineman

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Hi fellow Whole30ers,


I am starting my diet on Sunday (8/16) (after I grab the Sunday paper and clip my coupons) and am looking for a buddy who can help me meal plan and create my shopping list. My husband is willing to diet with me, but is not 100% committing (he apparently can't live without his craft beer). 


I am excited about this diet in the hopes to find clarity of mind, more energy and better sleep. I am currently reading through "It Starts with Food". 


You can find me on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/kay.bittnerif you would like to connect and keep each other motivated! I am located in the Greater Philadelphia region if anyone is local.

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Hi Kayla, just a note of orientation. We don't consider the Whole30 a diet. A diet typically means restricting calories and that is not how the Whole30 works. We often have to tell people to eat more during a Whole30 because they keep trying to make it a diet and they have a hard time believing that most people lose weight while eating the amount of food we recommend eating. Our basic guide to how much to eat is at this link....


How much to eat
The Whole30 demands full compliance in eliminating off-plan foods. People who won't commit may be improving what they normally eat - a good thing - but partial compliance means a person is missing large parts of the program and they will not experience the kind of benefits a person not drinking craft beer will experience. This is not a minor thing of consuming a few more calories. It means that the gut/body does not heal from the inflammation caused by grains and the person does not experience what it is like when their body fully heals from the damage consumption of grains causes. Hopefully, your husband will be so impressed by your results that he will become willing to fully commit at some point. :)
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