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0 Grams Sugar


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New here and my wife and I are preparing for our first whole 30. I recall reading in the book that if a product contains 0 Grams of Sugar, that it's off limits. Is that accurate? The reason I ask is because the organic chia seeds that we buy show 0 grams on the label, but the only ingredients are, chia seeds. 


The question is: 

Is 0 grams always OK? Only when the main or only ingredient is the food?





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Chia seeds are okay, but like all nuts and seeds should be used sparingly.

If the ingredients list lists sugar or any other sweeteners, the product is not okay on whole30, even if the nutrition info says 0 grams of sugar.

If there are no sugars or sweeteners listed in the ingredients, even if the nutrition info says there's some grams of sugar, the product is OK because the sugars are naturally occurring -- like in the case of a tomato sauce with only okay ingredients, no sweeteners, there are sugars in tomatoes so there will be sugar in the nutrition info.

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