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Tired after Lunch - What gives?

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This is Day 7 and I'm feeling strong except that the past 3 days after I've eaten lunch (1:00-3:00) I'm so tired...like I could curl up on my desk and fall asleep. Is this normal Whole 30 transition? Any advise or suggestions on how to stop this?

I usually get 7.5-8.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. I wake up rested with high energy that maintains throughout the morning.

Lunches usually consist of 4-6oz of protein, 2-3 cups of low veggies, and fat. No fruit...just haven't wanted it and no coffee.

For example:

Today I had 5ish oz of salmon, 2.5ish cups of broccoli, brussel sprouts, and tomatoes roasted than coated with olive oil, and mashed carrots with a tsp of almond butter.

Yesterday and Monday, I had a large bowl of chicken curry consisting of chicken thighs, coconut milk, curry, red/green bellpeppers, onions, & cabbage.

It is only after eating lunch that I feel this way. My other two meals leave me no feeling of exhausting whatsoever.

Thank you for any help!

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Hey Cassie, I am only on day 3, and find the same thing. I love energy drinks, and pre challenge, would normally down a zippfizz or diet redbull, but that is not happening. So, my remedy has been to start having some green tea about 1 hour before lunch. So far, it is working, but hey, it is only 12:15 on the west coast. LOL

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