Kombucha without added sugar


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16 minutes ago, LaurenLoWo said:

"If you make kombucha at home and don’t add sugar after the fermentation process, is that Whole30-compliant? Yes."


What's the difference if they make it or I do? It literally is the same. I make my own Kombucha but also know this brand makes it the same way I do. 


I completely agree. In my personal opinion, and going against the official ruling on Kombucha, if you understand the science of how KT fermentation takes place, you should in theory be able to read a label and determine at what stage the sugar is added. If it's added in first ferment it's fine, second ferment no bueno. The official ruling is dumbed down so that not every person wanting to drink kombucha had to learn how the actual process is done. Again, it is only my opinion and not the ruling of the program. 

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Okay - I was just trying to be helpful to others that maybe don't have time or want to make their own as I know this brand doesn't add after ferment. I guess I just have an issue saying "if the label doesn't state sugar" as GT's just lists "Kombucha" in their ingredients list, not the actual individual ingredients used to make the Kombucha, and Kombucha can't be made without sugar. Maybe Whole30 could just provide a list of approved brands and that would be more clear/helpful? Even if it's just one brand; just a thought! :-)

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Straight from Dr. Brew


Is sugar or juice added to Brew Dr. Kombucha?
The only time organic cane sugar is added is at the very beginning, when we sweeten the tea we brew. That sweetened tea is then put into a fermentation vessel along with a kombucha culture (often called a SCOBY – Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) and allowed to do its magic for about two weeks. After that, we do not add anything. No sugar, no juices. If you read the answer to the “craft brewed” question above then you know why we don’t need to alter our flavors after fermentation.



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