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Costco beef online


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Has anybody ordered their grass fed steaks online that are free of antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones??? I'm real close to canceling my membership after finding out their stores carry drugged up beef (Besides their organic ground beef)


If they are certified good by people here, I might risk it...








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I see this is an older post, but I have heard mixed reviews about Costco beef on line, some says its great some not so great ( taste and tenderness etc) I have yet to find ANY  Costco organic or grassfed in house. So , with that said there are several other places to get this , perhaps a bit more money but then you do get what you pay for.

US Wellness Beef is one . grasslandbeef.com


I am sure there are many more but these are two I particularly like. Hope it helps .

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Meat often various a lot (not just at Costco) by location.


Some areas have little grassfed or organic, so check around for alternate suppliers.


Don't forget though that you can do your Whole30 without grassfed or organic.


Some people have more luck with lamb than beef.

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