CB's Whole30 journey Round 2


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Thank you! Let's try this again:

Day 1-

B- spinach, onion, and potato frittata with a banana

L-sausage and Brussels mix, 2 deviled egg halves, carrots and guac

S- diced apples topped with almond butter and coconut flakes

D-steak, green beans, and half a sweet potato both topped with a little ghee

I think posting my daily menu will help keep me in check and not guessing what I'll be eating. I ate breakfast on my way to work (6:30) and made it comfortably to lunch (11:30) so I think it will work fine eating earlier. I did plan for a snack to eat at about 2:15 because I don't think I'll make it 6 hours between lunch and dinner.

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You might be surprised to find once you become fat adapated you can go pretty easily for 6hrs without food.

In the meantime I'd try a better snack - the one you've listed above is not ideal. Try building it to be more of a mini meal by using at least two of the three food groups - protein, fat & veggies. What you ate today may well continue to feed your sugar dragon, and could become more of a treat than a snack...

Just sayin'!


Welcome by the way....  :)

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Day 2-

B- spinach, onion, and potato frittata with a banana

L- TJ's canned salmon mixed with half an avo, plantain chips, carrots and cukes with homemade ranch, and an apple

PWO Snack- 2 deviled egg halves

D- almond flour crusted chicken with sunshine sauce and sautéed zucchini and butternut squash

Feeling ok so far today. Had a headache last night most likely from lack of sugar and no nightly snacking. I had ginger tea with a squeeze of lemon and cinnamon to replace my evening watermelon and pistachio munching. I survived so I know I can do it.

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Day 3-

B- spinach, egg, and potato frittata with a banana

L- almond crusted chicken with sunshine sauce, carrots with guac, small baked potato with homemade ranch and broccoli, and watermelon

PWOS- 2 deviled egg halves

D- 2 fried eggs over sausage and Brussels mix and compliant bacon. Maybe an apple too

Got hit with a cold last night. I knew it was coming because my throat starting hurting yesterday. Yesterday I did great with exercise. Between cardio at the gym and a bike ride with my daughter I worked out for 90 min according to my Fitbit. Didn't feel hungry last night so I think my eating menu was on point.

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Day 4-

B- spinach, onion, and potato frittata and a banana

L- chicken patty from TJs; spinach salad with artichokes, grapes, and avocado with homemade ranch dressing, 2 deviled egg halves, and an apple

D- salmon with some kind of mayo dressing, cauliflower rice, and green beans

I feel like absolute crap today on account of this cold. I slept horrible last night and I got maybe 3.5 hours so I stayed home from work today. Dropped my daughter by my parents so I can catch up on sleep and just relax- can't do either of those things with an active 2 yo! Ate breakfast on the way to my parents so I have breakfast under my belt even though I didn't have much of an appetite since I can't taste anything. Back to bed now. Zzzzz

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Day 5-

B- 3 eggs scrambled with some turkey bacon and spinach and a banana

L- 5 deviled egg halves, almond crusted chicken breast, carrots, half an avo, apple and almond butter

D-large turkey burger, half an avo, mayo, green beans, broc, and plantain chips

Feeling much better today. I felt like I was choking down food all day yesterday because I had no appetite but I'm glad I did. My meals are pretty lackluster today; nothing I'm too excited about. I wanted to make the chocolate chili but I didn't realize it needed to simmer for 2 hours so I won't be able to make it tonight as planned. I'll throw it into the crockpot tomorrow.

My goal for next week is to get back to the gym. No excuses since my cold will be long gone!

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Day 6-

B- 3 scrambled eggs on top of half a sweet potato diced and cooked in coconut oil and spinach. Banana with almond butter and shredded coconut.

L-salmon, cauliflower rice sautéed in ghee and then chicken stock, grapes

D-chili with veggies thrown in, 2 very small potatoes, and a pear

First weekend at home on Whole30! Food wasn't the struggle for me- it was the water! I need to remain very aware of that. Had a busy day with the 2 yo but going to go for a walk with her and the husband soon to enjoy the nice cool weather.

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Day 7-

B- 4 eggs scrambled with red pepper and a banana

L-3 chicken drumsticks and a huge salad of spinach, veggies, grapes, shredded coconut, and homemade ranch

PreWOS- hard boiled egg

D- chili, tostones with guac, and a small apple and some almond butter



Finally got back to the gym today and felt great.  1 hour of cardio in the books!  Tomorrow I will do half cardio and half weights so I expect to be sore in the upcoming days.  I did have a couple bites of apple while apple picking this morning, but I don't regret it.

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Day 8-

B-cauliflower breakfast casserole and a banana

L-chili, small sweet potato, apple, and almonds

PreWOS- Lara bar (forgot my hard boiled egg at home)

D- some kind of skillet with ground turkey, Brussels, butternut squash, and a zucchini topped with 2 eggs. Maybe some grapes.

The cauliflower casserole I made was good. Will need to top with an egg for more protein. Going to the gym from work. 30 min cardio, 15 min weights. Slept GREAT last night!

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Day 9-

B-cauliflower casserole topped with 1 scrambled egg and a banana

L- chili with a ton of veggies, sweet potato, apple, and almond butter

PreWOS-hard boiled egg

D- pot roast with carrots, celery, onion, and potatoes. Mashed cauliflower. 1 pear

The added egg to my breakfast has definitely helped. I had a great workout yesterday and plan to do the same today. I'm a tiny bit sore but otherwise I feel good. Energy is pretty high today. I have been sleeping like a rock at night thanks to exercising, eating right, and the cooler weather. Is it too early for Tiger's Blood? :)

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Day 10-

B- cauliflower casserole topped with a scrambled egg and a banana

L- salmon from a pouch, avocado, cucumber, carrots, and an apple

D- grilled chicken with marinara sauce, half an acorn squash, spinach salad with shredded coconut, grapes and red pepper and EVOO

Running on 2.5 hours of sleep and feeling pretty decent. Been doing great with workouts (S,M, and yesterday) but will take a day off today due to insufficient sleep. Must remember to take magnesium supplement before bed. I'm feeling a bit more hungry than normal today but I think it's due to not being well rested. I will just continue to push my water and eat on target.

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Day 11-

B- cauliflower casserole topped with 1 scrambled egg and a banana

L-grilled chicken on a salad of spinach, cucumbers, acorn squash, and avocado with homemade ranch. Apple

D- still deciding. Either leftover pot roast or the chicken hash from the book. Depends on how I feel.

Another night of poor sleep. Ended up at Walgreens to get Unisom. Tonight I will do a crossword before bed instead of laying with my phone.

Yesterday's lunch was seriously lacking. I ate a hard boiled egg when I got home from work because my stomach was literally growling. Lesson learned.

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Day 12-

B- cauliflower casserole and hard boiled egg

L-huge salad with various items and homemade ranch, 2 chicken drumsticks, small portion macadamia nuts

D- chicken hash, 1/2 acorn squash, pear, small portion almonds

I know the 2 servings of nuts are not highly recommended but I needed some fat with those meals and I am not eating them alone as a snack. Lunch was grabbed from a gourmet grocery store and dinner is on the go to bring to my parents tonight to avoid the pizza they will be having. I was very cautious with the amount I put in from the bulk section as to not overdo it. And for that I'm proud of myself!

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Day 13

B- cauliflower casserole and hard boiled egg

L- 4 eggs scrambled on top of pan fried potato, spinach, and a small avocado. Pear

D- pot roast and pumpkin soup

Doing some prepping today. Have pumpkin soup simmering and cooked up chicken drumsticks. I also going to attempt to make ghee either today or tomorrow- I'm a little nervous about that.

I was able to pass up pizza yesterday! God I love pizza :(. I've been very BLAH on the food front today. B and L just didn't sound great but I ate them anyway. Less than thrilled about leftover pot roast for dinner but I am excited to try some pumpkin soup. Anything pumpkin is my jam!

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... I've been very BLAH on the food front today. B and L just didn't sound great but I ate them anyway....

You've had that cauliflower casserole for a lot of days in a row - definitely time to try something new I reckon. Was there protein in the casserole by the way? One egg on it's own otherwise wouldn't be nearly enough....

Well done on passing up on the pizza! I always think it smells great, but it was just always so not worth it for me.

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Day 15- HALFWAY!

B- 4 eggs scrambled on top of wilted spinach and pan fried potatoes. Banana

L- 2 chicken drumsticks, pumpkin soup, handful of shredded coconut for fat

D- pork carnitas. Avocado. Roasted broccoli.

I finally got a pretty good nights sleep last night! Woo! my body is adjusted to eating 3 square meals a day and I no longer yearn for an after dinner snack which is HUGE. I'm feeling great :)

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Day 19-

B- turkey hash with sweet potato and regular potato and onion. Half an avocado

L- turkey dish with potato, celery, carrot, marinara sauce over spaghetti squash. carrots, apple, and almonds

D- pumpkin soup and 3 scrambled eggs

Full night of sleep finally. I feel great! Bring on the last third of this journey!

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Day 20-

B- 3 fried eggs over wilted spinach and sweet potato hash

L- assortment of roasted veggies and chicken from Whole Foods salad bar. Grapes

D- 2 chicken drumsticks, spiralized squash, orange

Ate pistachios while watching The Martian.

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