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Beginning my Whole30 on 9/15


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Hey Matt, I'm starting tomorrow, my third. My first was a 60 day last year, second was 100 back in Jan. I learn something new every time, but I have to say, cravings during the Whole30's weren't a problem, I just said "NO, I am doing a Whole30 and you are not allowed." It's the after, during the reintro phase that things start getting hinky, but I am learning, My first go round, I learned that legumes are like kriptonite and sent me sliding down the slippery slope to disaster, This last time, grains, not sure which were the worst, I trialed gluten ones first, then a few days later, non gluten ones. It started the slide into the not so good land. It's not a crash and burn for me, just a gradual things keep getting worse, the cravings start sneaking in. So, tomorrow begins my next round of Whole30, or more depending on where I am on day 31. My very first I planned it as a Whole30, but on the morning of day 31, I just knew I needed to continue on for 30 more days. I felt I was not ready to start riding my own bike. Just like learning to ride a real bicycle as a kid, I have had some crashes and skinned knees, but, I will get there, just like I did with an actual bike!

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Hi Matt! I am starting tomorrow, for my first time, as well. I am excited!

Tonight, I made a slow cooker pork loin to eat over cabbage slaw, that I saw in the Whole 30 Book. It will at least get me through a couple meals. I also went ahead and bought some Lara bars (I typically hate "bars") to be emergency food, in case I get cravings for sweets, or whatever.

I don't know what to expect. I hope it will be, "Oh, I did Whole 30, and it was way easy for me," but I just don't know...I am kinda excited to come up against what I assume will be some addictions to certain foods. Planning on keeping a journal to document what I eat and what I am craving, mood changes, etc.

What are you doing to prepare?

In solidarity,


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.....I also went ahead and bought some Lara bars (I typically hate "bars") to be emergency food, in case I get cravings for sweets, or whatever....

HI Trixela & Matty (& hello again CQ!!)

Just to say (&CQ will back me up here) that those Larabars are just about the worst thing you could eat if you're craving sweet things - in fact they are approved for emergency use only like you're climbing Everest & a weather front has come in and you've had to set up camp awaiting rescue which might not happen for 8hrs or so kind of emergency  ;) 

If you're having cravings for anything sweet eat some fat - some olives, a spoonful coconut oil, a spOonful of your delicious home made mayo - do NOT eat fruit as this will just continue to feed your Sugar Dragon.

Fat & Protein is the only way to stop the cravings.

Good luck!

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