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Post Workout - No Potatoes


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I am on Day 6 and really struggling with potatoes.  I just think I've had too many since starting and am going to start limiting them.  (they aren't helping my digestive system either)  My biggest problem with them is eating them post workout.  I'm almost at the point of not being able to stomach any more sweet potatoes, white potatoes are close behind.  Plus if I haven't cooked up any in advance I'm searching for something else in a hurry.  I usually have lots of hard-boiled eggs so I eat a whole one Pre and only egg white Post.


Any other post workout carbs that work for you?  How about bananas?  I really miss my protein shakes with oats!!



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Hi there,


The official word on bananas is "no fruit post-workout" because the fructose in fruit preferentially replenishes liver as opposed to muscle glycogen stores. However, as far as fruits go, bananas are considered to be relatively low-fructose and high-glucose. I will risk the moderators' wrath and tell you that I routinely eat bananas with my post-workout protein and I recover well and feel great.


But here's another thing to think about. Depending on the volume and frequency of your training, you may not need post-workout carbs. You may only need the protein. On the days I train, I usually train twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon and evening. So it is important to me to quickly replenish my glycogen stores after that morning workout (not so much after the second workout). If you train hard every day, I would say the same thing goes. But if you're not training every day, or not training hard enough to really deplete your glycogen stores, then just be sure to eat your starchy carbs AT SOME POINT during the day to keep yourself topped off and you don't have to worry about that post-workout window. And there are lots of options besides potatoes: plantains, beets, parsnips, winter squash, pumpkin (canned pumpkin is super easy and fast). Potatoes are the densest option, which is probably why they are the most popular. You would have to eat more of the others to get the same amount of carbohydrate, but if you don't tolerate potatoes and want to stick to the no-fruit recommendation then they are your best bets.



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