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Those two dishes do appear to be Whole30 compliant.


I would point out that they are not whole meals, just vegetables. You'd still need to supplement them with protein and possibly healthy fats to have a meal that meets the meal template. If you wanted full meals already prepared that you could heat up, you could try something like Premade Paleo (I've never tried them, I just know they have Whole30 menus).


It would probably be cheaper to just make freezable food ahead of time, if you feel like you need to keep stuff in your freezer for busy days -- there's a freezer cooking series on the Whole30 blog you might find helpful if you want to try that. I personally don't keep a whole lot of stuff in the freezer, because for me, I tend to forget things are there and don't always get around to using them in a timely fashion, so I prefer to try to cook enough for the whole week at a time so I always have stuff in the fridge I can heat up, as described here or here.

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