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Dehydration issues, I think


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Does anyone have problems feeling super dry at the end of the day, and in the night?


I am drinking at least the recommended amount of H2O (half body weight in oz) each day - sometimes a lot more. I tend to run on the dry side (I'm a Pitta, for those who are into ayurveda). But being on this plan (end of Day 6!) and not drinking alcohol (which I don't drink an excessive amount of usually), also limiting my caffeine intake (I only do a cup of green tea a day), I have found myself feeling dryer than I've ever felt before. Dry throat in the evenings, getting crazy dry sometimes when I wake in the night. Lips are tight. Skin dry.


It is fall here in NYC. Getting colder and the air is drying out, sure. But I cannot account for this extra dryness, other than being on this plan. I've been told before that it is possible that the water I drink is not being absorbed efficiently by my body. So I've tried adding electrolytes, in the form of lemon juice, salt or 'E-lyte' to my water. Sometimes I break down and get Smart Water for a day or two, because I feel like it helps (I also love the taste), although I don't like buying plastic bottles.


I'm flummoxed and would love to know if this rings true with anyone else - feeling alone!



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oh.... I was looking at my breakfast plate earlier and wondering if the ghee I cooked my veggies in was going to be enough fat for the plate...


this morning: 3 eggs, 2/3 head chard, cooked with ghee, toms and onion. handful Brussel sprouts. (I went and added some mayo at the end...)

yesterday morning: 3 scrambled eggs, potatoes, bit of bacon, mixed roasted veggies: red onion, caulflower, asparagus (restaurant meal)


M2, yesterday: baked salmon, salad of romaine and mixed greens with toms, orange pepper and a few pieces sweet potato, tablespoon home-made mayo, 

day before : baked salmon with a similar salad but there were some nuts and a little avocado (no mayo). I relied on the dressing of olive oil and cider vinegar to provide some fat.


M3 last night: roast chicken, zucchini pasta with a homemade marinara - eeek, NO FAT THERE I realise :( except olive oil in the making of the sauce


I usually add a half avocado to any meal but ran out over the weekend. I was adding nuts too, earlier in the week, but slowed that down because of some heavy duty indigestion mid week. I have some coconut flakes in the larder and will try to figure out how to incorporate them.


A very successful evening meal was a brazilian fish stew that I found on here, with coconut milk, that left me (and whole family) very satiated. its DELICIOUS. 


I will try to incorporate more coconut milk recipes.


My go-to meals are all about saute-ing or steaming veggies, and if the only fat is from there - perhaps the 1-2 TBL spoons coconut/olive oil/ghee is not enough?


I am going to make an effort with fat this week.


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