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I did it! Day 30 of Whole30 today


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Hi all!


It's day 30 of Whole30 today and I'm so happy I did this. I feel really good: my mind is clearer and so is my skin. I lost 8 pounds (3,6 kg) and I'm not as bloated anymore as I was before.


In the beginning the days went by so slowly but looking back, the time has flown. Tomorrow I'm going to start the reintroduction phase by bringing back dairy. You can't believe how much I've missed feta cheese! :rolleyes: Such a random craving, but I cannot wait to have some tomorrow.


If you want to read more about my results, have a look at my blog: http://www.weightever.com.


Thanks for all the advice on this forum - I haven't written anything before but I've loved reading, learning and being inspired.

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I've just finished Whole30 round 2 today! I have to say that Whole30 felt more difficult this time...


I still got results: I lost 3,6 kg/8 pounds and my skin feels a lot smoother.


Here are my before and after pictures - not that much difference, but I'm still happy about it:



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