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What I've learned after doing my W30


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I've learned that I have a sensitivity to flour and sugar. To put it bluntly, they mess with my crazy. Since completing my W30 I have splurged a few times, and regretted every one. The worst was this past 4 days. My step dad came out for a visit with a buddy of his, and we planned to go out on a fishing charter and some other things. All bets pretty much went out the window.


I haven't pooped in those 4 days and feel aweful

Last night I felt really depressed and began to realize what the food was now doing to me

Not to mention that I also hadn't worked out in those 4 days. Had planned to get back on my workout wagon today but I really overslept and missed my morning workout. Good thing I have a mid day crossfit class here at work. That's going to be rough but I gotta get back into the game here.

This stuff is truly life changing. And you really begin to learn what you eat effects so much more than your waistline.

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