A different sort of "Day One"


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It's Day One! Except it's the Day One after Day 30. I completed my Whole30 yesterday and lost 13 lbs!


What I learned was that I am an emotional eater. Even more than I had originally realized. I also eat out of habit a lot. I'd gotten into the habit of having a hot cocoa every afternoon at work (My 2PM treat) (Also, I used two packets because, why not?) And then every evening I'd have a bowl of ice cream. The last couple of weeks before Whole30 I'd started adding chocolate magic shell to the ice cream, too. I found myself making a bowl of ice cream just because it is what I did every night. Very bad habits.


I found myself having a LOT of internal dialog with myself trying to examine why I wanted certain foods. On Day 29 I found myself at CVS needing to buy something that I didn't want to purchase. I found my brain was also leaning towards buying something else for myself. I realized that it was trying to balance out the buying-something-I-didn't-want-to-buy with something that would make me happy. It was interesting to walk around the store taking an inventory of my feelings and figuring out what it was that I really wanted. I told myself that I could buy a notebook or something - but I ended up not buying anything except what I went for.


So that's my new Day One goals. Examine my motives for wanting unplanned food. Not that I will NEVER eat unplanned foods, but that I need to know my motives first. I feel like if I start feeding my emotions again they are waiting just beneath the surface to take me over again. I don't have a sugar dragon, I have an emotional-eating dragon.

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I don't have a sugar dragon, I have an emotional-eating dragon.

I know that countless other folks who conduct a Whole30 also discover they have this "dragon."  Thanks for highlighting this for future readers of your post.


Kudos to you for recognizing it, starting to be a witness of your reaction to certain emotions (vs. absentmindedly getting caught up in them) and being open to choosing non-food responses to cope with them and soothe yourself.


Oh, and huge congrats on your Whole30 results!

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Emotional eating is so much an issue!  I love the image of walking around CVS have a conversation with yourself about why you wanted to buy the things you wanted to buy.  I have done that so many times.  It happens to me at the grocery store all the time.  Took me a while, but I eventually learned that a nice, crisp, juicy apple is an absolutely wonderful treat.  And about half the time, I decide not to get that either.


ThyPeace, far better than the treats I once would pick.

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