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Some problems with Whole30 and Reintroduction


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I got the tip to write here more about my problems with more backround. I will try to do this, but it isn't so easy with my English.


I began with Low Carb on 16th of June - my son did this since 1st of June. 
There, we ate some similar to Paleo, with dairy products, but only fermented like curd, joghurt, feta. We used Soja products, too, and we used a little sweetnes from artifical sugger (like Stevia), but not much.


We were in the USA, when we ended with anything of suggar! It was in September. And there, my son got the tip to read "It begins with food". We both read it on our Kindl (my son helped me more often to understand what was meant). 
Then, I found the German version for my Kindl, too, and read it in German.


Because I read from some success with immune sicknesses, I decided, to do Whole30, but first after our return to Germany (it is too difficult to get such food on an airplane, and the jouney lastet 20-24 hours).


I only began there (in the USA), no longer to eat dairy products and nightshades.


Back in Germany, I started on 26th of September with Whole30.


I had no problems with my food, because only some things were different to Low Carb. Now I never made food that was similar to baked products with allowed products like buns, pizza, and so on. Even, I didn't have any problems with that. It was only, because it was written in the book, not do do it.


During Whole30, I had more and more difficulties with stomach ache, feeling of fullness, flatulence, dirarrhea and sleeping disruptions.

This was not the case during Low Carb.


The end of W30 was on 26th of October, but I did not begin with Reintroduction of cause of diarrhea. Two days later, I began with dairy products. This first day was very good. The next day was good, untill I had Brussels sprouts for lunch. After that, I had very big problems with stomach ache and dirarrhea.


I stopped reintroducing for further four days and than, I a try with grain (gluten) - but all what I ate was homemade (before Low Carb, I baked all our product with good ingridients and with homemade sourdough). Even the pasta was homemmade.


This day was not bad, I only had a feeling of being full. But then, two days later, I got such severe dirarrhea for two days, that I could not go out of the house.

I ate only my selfmade chicken broth, chicken meat and carotts in it. Later, I ate a banana with cococnut, too. But banana activated a feeling of fullness, too.


Now, the dirarrhea is over, but the stomach is not feeling really good. I am afraid what I can eat without having or getting problems.


I don't know, if this last dirarrhea was an infection or the result of reintroduction.


Because my sleeping disruptions began already in the USA, suddenly the idea came in mind, that it began nearly to the time, where I left out the dairy products. I am not sure, if that can be or my brain is wrong.


My thinking is now: I will wait, until my stomach is really good. Then I will have a further try to dairy products but only with some easily digestible vegetables. And then, I will probably go back to Low Carb. It was very good and successfull for me. With W30, I had some success, too, but who knows, if they are from W30 or they would have been with Low Carb, too. 


I think, this was what I can give you as information.

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I wonder that I didn't get any answer - because on another place I was asked to give more backround.
Is the reason that I couldn't explain precisely what I wanted to know in English (my foreign language)?

Therefore here some questions:


Is it known that people who had Low Carb before beginning with Whole30 has no further success - even have or got other problems, too?

Is it known that people that didn't do faults with the food in Whole30 have often stomache or diarrhea problems? 

Are there empirical values that being lacking of dairy products can have influence for sleep (with dairy products a better one, without them many interruption) ?


Did other members write about so things or do they only disappear without any comment?

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I'm sorry you did not get a response to your question. I think your English is perfectly fine & for the most part, understandable.

My experience has been that there are many of us here who have digestive problems with a lot of vegetables & fruits. Nuts and seeds can also be problematic. Several report problems with coconut.

I do not see folks here reporting that they sleep better with dairy. If anything, people report getting nasal stuffiness and more restless sleep. However, some dairy does contain tryptophan -- which is very calming & could help you sleep. This is really an area where you have to experiment and decide what works best for YOU. Dairy tolerance is highly individual.

You can do a low-carb whole 30. I have done one very low-carb, including zero starchy vegetables or fruit, and it was quite successful. I personally have found that my digestion is better when I stick to low-FODMAP vegetables, as well. I am on my phone right now, but when I get back home I will post a link to my favorite FODMAP list.

I hope this is some help. If you have any more specific questions, I am happy to help where I can.

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Hello Irene, your English is fine!


It sounds to me like you may have a few things contributing to your digestive issues. Lots of traveling and eating different kinds of foods can have a lingering effect. Changing your time zone and sleep patterns can affect everything, including digestion.


One clue I see in your description above is that you felt much worse just after eating brussel sprouts. Many people (either on or off Whole30) find cruciferous vegetables very difficult to digest. This would include brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, and even things like carrots and celery. For some people this difficulty extends to peppers, whether sweet or hot. Some folks find relief by cooking them well before eating, and others find more relief by choosing other vegetables instead. I can't really eat broccoli, for instance, even if it's very well cooked, or I have symptoms similar to what you describe. It's very uncomfortable.


When you describe not being able to leave your house for two days, I am not a medical person AT ALL, but just as a regular person reading your post, I really think that sounds like you caught something. You never know what you'll catch when traveling, or what you might catch when you return home because your immune system is a bit lowered just from all of the changes your body has gone through. I'm NOT saying that as a diagnosis, truly. It just sounds to me like you might be dealing with actual illness on top of everything else (oh joy!).


I would imagine that the combination of changing your diet both intentionally and because of travel; possibly not digesting cruciferous vegetables as well as you'd like, and maybe even getting sick, has made things difficult. My completely non-medical suggestions include continuing to get your body back on track with sleep, rest, etc.; try cooking your cruciferous vegetables very well or leave them out for a few days to see how you feel; and give yourself time to recover.


It sounds like you had a lot of fun this summer! It also sounds like your body is ready to rest and recover for a while. In American culture, we sometimes talk about needing a vacation after our vacation! :lol:


If you'd like some more specific ideas about how to proceed with your food, post a few days' worth of meals here and we'll see what we can do.


All the best, and feel better soon.

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Your English is very good! Bravo!


I agree with much of what has been said. Travel, especially international travel, can wreak havoc with your system! However, if you have been successful on low carb, go back to that and see how you do. There is a close correlation with whole 30, paleo, and low carb. But the differences are important when trying to figure out how best to eat for your body. I would also say that food in Germany is probably much better and more natural than much of what is available in the states!


I am also happy to hear someone has done a lower carb (few starchy veggies, like potatoes) whole 30. I was excited about having the ability to eat sweet potatoes, but after my first whole 30, think that I would like to limit them more. Maybe to my after workout meal. I do want to lose weight, as well as feel better (which I do!)


Good luck!

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