major, major 48 hour migraine on day two

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Hi All, I'm on my first official day, second unofficial day and for the last 48 hours I've had the most blinding, crushing, awful migraine. And shoulder and neck pain. My husband had to stay home and take care of me yesterday. I'm still exclusively nursing my (big, hungry) 4 month old and I feel like I just don't have enough food or energy for either of us. Have supplemented with a baked sweet potato and half an avocado between meals.

Has anyone else experienced this? I used to get migraines but they completely stopped after I got pregnant (I think they may be hormonal more than anything). I'm not entirely sure that the migraine is Whole 30 induced but I think so.

Any words of advice for nursing mothers? I'm not concerned about weight loss at all, since I'm down to below my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'll eat when I'm hungry..

Thank in advance, Eva.

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I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I get migraines and fully understand just how disabling they can be. Hopefully a mod will chime in soon, but off the top of my head, make sure you are drinking lots of water to help keep your milk supply up. Does the baby seem satisfied after nursing? If so, he/she is probably getting just the amount he/she needs. Again, hoping someone else will have some ideas for you, just wanted to say that I totally sympathize with you. hope you feel better soon!

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