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Starting November 24th


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This is going to be a ranting whiny hyperbolic moan, because my dumb jerkbrain has decided this is the morning (Day 4 of restart, day 13 since I started) to torture me with a few things.

Apologies for the lack of positivity, but I suspect hardly anyone reads this stuff anyhow. So throwing my words into the wind. Think of me as the angry person with mad hair ringing a bell and shouting at people about aliens on a street corner if that helps, and ignore me. Also, really and truly, I know how ridiculous I'm being and that this too shall pass but I also know that a good rant helps me. So this is a little space for angry food ranting.




So how are you feeling now?  ;) 

Ok, so you've identified what doesn't work for you: chalk it up to your personal lessons learned.  What positive aspects have you experienced? What motivated you to restart instead of throw in the towel?

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NotCheese, your rant is valuable because it's full of information about food you DON'T like. But--and--if you are this adamant about what you don't like, that means there are foods you DO like.

Eat food you like!

You don't have to eat your chicken soup.. Throw it away.

You don't have to eat cauliflower.

You don't have to eat sweet potatoes. (And, why eat them "on top of delicious beef"? Eat them separately!

Eat your delicious beef and other foods you like.

And stop focusing on what you don't have, like soy.

If you don't eat something like soy sauce, after a while (and this might be a wee bit longer than Day 4) then you won't want it! For real.

All this energy you're expending resisting could go into eating satisfying meals AND doing other satisfying things. You're putting a LOT of energy into resistance. How about putting some of that energy into planning portable emergency meals, for example, so you're ready for crazy schedules?

Finally, you're an adult and you get to choose: you can choose to do a Whole30 and see the benefits, or you can choose to not do it.

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Hey Not Cheese

Are you still around? I was curious how my fellow European WHole30 er was doing in meantime.. So I came looking to this thread here to read about your progress.. And then I read you restarted. That sounded really brave to me.


Anyway.. really hope you're doing well


Take care!



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