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Food Sourcing in Ontario, Canada


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Compliant deli meat - really doesn't exist.  It's like searching for a dodo bird. However there is a small glimmer of light here:  Prosciutto - there are a few brands that are compliant - should contain nothing but pork, salt and pepper.  The nice thing is you can crisp prosciutto up in the oven and it will taste very similar  to bacon.


Sausage - again you might have some luck with a farmers market - but it will be more or less very hard to do.  What I do is make my own sausage seasoning - and then season ground meat with it.   Personally I like this one: http://meljoulwan.com/2013/04/07/spice-world/


Whereabouts in Ontario are you - I might be able to help you a little more if I know where you are (I'm originally from Ontario myself)

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Ontario can't be that bad, can it? The labels are in English, at least! ;-) (I'm just feeling jealous of anyone who can buy spinach already washed, cut and bagged today).

Good luck!

-Lauren (GGG)


Yeah that totally cannot be easy.....


Technically it's not that bad here - but I totally understand that as a newbie, it's a complete mind shift.  Very little is convenient anymore - as you know with the already washed, cut and bagged spinach. ;)   It totally depends where you are.


My dad, who lives in the Netherlands, complains that it is difficult to find parsnips, and sweet potatoes.  He has found them, but in various different places.  

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