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Whole 30 in france


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My 30th day was tuesday. I am on day 3 after reintroduction.


Day 1 = just had a bit of cream with my scramble eggs

Day 2 = made some salad dressing with some vinegar (with sulfites)

Day 3 = same as day 2


I wish I had stopped to reintroduce the cream because now I have a small headache and I do not know if it sulfites related or cream related ... I think I will stop the dairy for a while and see.


It is not difficult for me to follow the whole 30 rules now except when invited or at the restaurant. When I am home, I cook whole 30 compliant for all the family and it is perfectly fine. I make it simple thought it is delicious. I was cooking complex things before following some recipes. I realize my cooking is better when I just follow my last minute ideas and my own recipe that I have juste made up. What's make it delicious is also :

- the use of herbs, spices, garlic, oignons,

- the fat (clarified butter, coconut milk, olive oil)

- the good meat : I spend more money on that but it is compensated by the fact that I do not use any of this things : pasta, rice, legumes, bread, cookies, candies, soda, processed food in general. 



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Yeah, for crystal clear results, you'll want to follow the reintroduction protocol, which is one day for each reintro food, having the reintro item in question at meals 1, 2, and 3, keeping all else Whole30 compliant. Then, resume 100% Whole30 eating for two days, to allow for any delayed reactions.

If I were you, I'd retest dairy and sulfites.

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