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Day 2!

Deb Froemming

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Hello! just started the Whole30. I have alot of health issues, but the one that I really want to see results is GI related, I have a hiatal hernia and GERD. My daughter has been going to CrossFit since February and eating Paleo shortly after. She's my biggest encouragement! I am excited and looking forward to the better me!


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Hi Deb,

I'm on day 2 too... :D

I brought a GERD like condition under control many years ago with a lc real food approach (remarkably very much like whole 30) that I started with an elimination diet recommended by my dr.

Fast forward many years and I was eating junk again and even my teenage boys were lecturing me on my unhealthy diet. (mostly artificially sweetened junk and diet sodas so still basically "low carb" but not real food) I ate what I wanted last year throught the holidays and did my first whole 30 (this is the second one) in January. WOW! I felt good again! Anyway, I've eaten pretty well in between, but I would like to lose those last few pounds and not slide back to my old just one bite (of something I don't really like that much anyway) won't hurt way of thinking.

I'm will have some challenges for this one, a wedding, a party, crazy kid sports days, and some other stuff, but I'm determined to make it through.

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