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Tired, bad skin and bags under my eyes!

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Hey everyone 


I finished my second Whole 30 yesterday and want to continue however I seem to be absolutely exhausted, my skin has broken out and I look tired with bags under my eyes.  It has really put a downer on my Whole30 despite the inches and lbs lost.  I don't seem to have any energy to exercise, and I am feeling hungry in between meals, although at the beginning I wasn't hungry at all.


Does anyone have inspiration/advice/tips for me?





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Generally speaking, lack of energy is typically attributed to not eating enough food, or not eating enough fats or carb-dense vegetables.

For us to best help you, we need more information.


Can you post a few days worth of your meals, including portion sizes, daily water consumption, nightly hours of sleep and any exercise?  How is your current level of stress? Also, what is your eating like when you're not on a Whole30?  Further, is there anything in your health history that could impact your results?

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