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Just need to share this....


Never in my 48 years did I imagine that I would one day drool over roasted vegetables like they were candy!!!!!!


I make 2 baking sheets full as many days as I can (prep for that day and next) and I look at them and say-glad I don't have to share and hmm...should I make 2 more cause this may not be enough.


My favourites so far are sweet onion, red and yellow peppers and my beloved sweet potato. I will throw on any veg to experiment. (check cooking time chart in Whole 30 book!)


The thrill of flavour comes being off sugar so the flavours can be appreciated. 


Thank-you Whole 30!!!!





(I am Canadian therefore I pop the letter u into my words as needed :P . I did a whole 75 that started back in May. I am on day 27 of a 2nd whole that has no determined end at this point. 

My periods came back. My sex drive returned. All water retention left me. I walk differently. I have more energy. I don't have pain when I work (high energy job) and I don't need breaks like I did. I have lost 28 pounds. I am transitioning from being a plus size to a regular size and it is thrilling. I sleep well too :)  )

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