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whole 30 in Africa


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I am starting the Whole 30 on 1st January 2016.


My name is Felicitas. A woman in her mid forties. My husband and children (5 and 7 years) are also starting the Whole 30 along with me. I am counting on the support of other like-minded people in this forum to finish the course of the 30 days. 


Is there anyone in or around West Africa / Africa who has successfully gone through the Whole 30? I have bought the book It Starts with Food and I am in the process of emptying my kitchen cabinets of non compliant food.


Looking forward to sharing my experience in this forum.



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Felicitas - welcome - the title of your thread caught my attention as I had an old friend who was living in Tanzania, Africa until she sadly passed away suddenly earlier this year - the passion she had for the country & the photos she shared will remain with me forever, as will my memories of her.

There are a number of other people starting their Whole30 on Jan 1st so there will be plenty of support for you on any of those group threads (You will find them in the 'join the whole30' section in which you started this thread), as well as throughout the forum.

Best of luck to you & if you've any questions just ask  :)

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Hi Felicitas,


I am starting the Whole 30 on Monday the 4th January.


I am a first timer to the program as well. I am 39 years old and will complete it just before my 40th birthday. I have some health/food allergy issues and want this to be my clean up and kick-start to a new, healthier and fitter self as sort of a milestone b/day personal pilgrimage.

I have chosen this start date to give me a chance to clear out my cupboards and fridge and of course get over this season, since I have a major struggle with sugar addiction  :)

I have tried to make a similar lifestyle change previously when I discovered I was pre-diabetic and decided to get the situation under control naturally without having to take medication. It worked quite well until I felt healthy again and fell back to old habits. 

I have joined this program because I believe it will help address my relationship and attitude to food. 


I am quite eager to start and am looking forward to the challenge.

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Hello Felicitas,


I am new to the whole30 too. I am African but live in USA. I have been reading a lot about the program and I like what I have read. I like that this program is about learning about nutrition and how our bodies respond to it and not a typical diet program. Because I am African where we eat what we grow in our backyard and there are no preservatives, I find this program enlightening especially since there are so many foods with preservatives here.


I am on my 3rd day and so far I like it. I stumble across 'the whole30 timeline' page where it gives you some ideas on what to expect on each day of the Whole30. I enjoy reading it and I thought I should share if you are interested. http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/


Oh, and I love that potatoes are allowed. I love love sweet potatoes, of course, within limits.


Have a good day.

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