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whole30 round 2

Erica Gucc

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I did my first Whole30 in October/November and plan on doing a January one. I just placed an amazon order for food items I know I'll be craving in the absence of convenience foods and snacks. Tomorrow, after I clean/organize the apartment and figure out the meal plan, I'll do my whole30 shopping :) Hoping to do some "cook ups" on NYD.


Here are some thoughts second time around..


This time around I think I want to try to have a protein + fat with every snack, no more grazing, and a reduction in eating fruits as "dessert". I won't however be paying too much mind to all of the recommendations. "Epic" bars/ "Lara" bars are not going to be "emergency food only". I'll have ample ready-made foods so when the temptation hits to eat something easy I dont go reaching for something non-compliant.


SWYPO rule wont be Strictly followed...if eating something in a certain format makes it more "palatable" or is enjoyable, I dont see why I need to restrict myself this way. After all - whole30 is supposed to be for reasons I choose, and I dont believe this time around I want to address the psychological issues with foods. I want to find a Long term, sustainable, diet and lifestyle. And if whole30 means I have to give up eating certain foods just because of what they taste like, not what they're made up of, i think thats not very sustainable for me. Part of the experience is to help me learn new things, and by cutting out something simple like muffins, makes it frustrating to want to try something new. So im sorry for not "really" doing whole30, but I wont be reporting eating SWYPO foods. I plan on minimizing this, anyway. Its mostly so I can have healthy alternatives to food which is something i hAD Trouble with when offroading. 


What about "special occasions" or "cheat" days or "slips"? 


If it happens it happens and I will start over. I want to do a whole 365, to be honest, so I want to see how long i can possibly go. So if that means doing a whole10, then having to start over, I'm okay with that. 


If I AM able to go a whole 30 days without slips, then I will do a "slow roll" reintro. 


A few months into 2016, I want to start preparing for the months of October-December, so I am prepared for the holidays and wont have to do another whole30 in 2017 to "fix" these issues :D

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Welcome back, Erica!


I've moved this thread to the Whole30 log secton.  As you've identified the Whole30 rules you're not following (which makes what you're doing not a Whole30, as QuilterinVA/Susan stated), this section of the forum allows for that.

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Thanks so much! yeah, I definitely want to do a real whole30 sometime in the future, BUT, I want to eat "whole30" style AND also make paleo treats, for this simple reason: holiday season.


This year I will be PREPARED for the holidays by knowing how to make food myself, but not just food, but also desserts. 


Last year i thought, "all i want is a chocolate cake on my birthday!" but that cake, the cookies, the sweets, ugh, so many irresitable treats..


If only I knew how to make foods that taste good and werent completely outrageously unhealthy for you, then I wouldnt have went off the deep end and hurt my body so much!


So who knows, if this "SWYPO" whole30 will be full of baked goods...More likely than not, I wont have the opportunity to bake, BUT my boyfriends mother got me this paleo sweets and treats cookbook and I definitely want to try it out.


The thing is, I want to reap the benefits of eating whole30, while also not stopping myself from trying out new recipes so that I can be comfortable with them come 2016 holiday season, and get by this year with as little unhealthy eating as possible!



So Janurary 1st log:


I decided not to start today as I will be going on a Trip next thursday and probably wont be able to keep whole30. Its only a 4 day trip so i will begin my "whole30" Janurary 11th, tentatively. Another reason I am delaying this whole30 is because i was gifted some non compliant foods and want to make sure those get eaten up so they're not around to tempt me :3 I already threw out all the holiday leftovers (all the gluten!!!) but i cant part myself with the sweets which were given as gifts..


BUT, at the same time, i know i want to do a whole 30 and dont want to wait, and dont want to use the delay as an excuse to eat poorly. Holidays are over, which were not a great excuse to begin with, but no more.


So from now up until i "Start" my whole30, im cooking whole30 foods and getting back into whole30 habits. I purchased online a bunch of compliant snack foods so I can have them on hand if needed. The truth is, I'm not going to be able to make what I put in my mouth my utmost priority this year. I have to learn how to budget and invest, work harder on my career and relationships, and gain other life skills. A couple of my food related goals, however, are the following:


1. Eat real food, eat processed foods made from real ingredients with few additives

2. No more take out!

3. Cook freezer meals for those nights where you are tempted to takeout

4. Make bone broth, often

5. Utilize produce and other foods effectively

6. Avoid eating out/giving in to temptations..unless it is "worth it"

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