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My 2016 Whole30 Journey


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In full transparency, I am not a blogger. Nor do I want to be :)


This log is mostly for me. For accountability. A place to check in. 


That said, it may be boring, it may be funny, and I may even get creative along the way. I guess it is possible I could become a blogger in the process. Although that is not the goal.


This is me committing to me.


This is about me loving and honoring myself enough to follow through - to do what I know I want and need to do - to be the healthiest me that I can possibly be.


I am committing to the program 100% this time. For a minimum of 30 days. The last 2 times I completed a Whole30 have been great - but not true Whole30's as there were a few slips. None of that this time. If I accidentally do slip - I will start over. No excuses.


So today is day ZERO. I am prepping and planning for the week and enjoying the last of my dark chocolate. 


I am off to get my house in order!


Life is good :)


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Day 1 W30 done!


Yay... I am back on track and feeling good about my choices today, even though my lunch was more like a snack (lack of planning). I managed to ignore sweet cravings after breakfast and dinner, grabbed a compliant but not great lunch to eat while on the road, and created a decent dinner. Tomorrow I am doing a cook up for the next few days so I have ready-made meals to choose from. Overall I had good energy up until 10:30pm tonight and with the exception of a minor dull-like headache, I feel good!


Breakfast - 3 eggs scrambled with 1 zucchini and minced shallots in coconut oil, topped with 1/2 an avocado.

Lunch - 1 apple and a handful of raw walnuts on the road

Dinner - 4oz of tuna with 2 tbsp of homemade mayo on herb lettuce with sliced cucumbers and 12 grapes


Starting weight 144, BF 30% - really? Not liking my BF reading :(

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Day 2 was a breeze :) May the remaining days stay this way!


Cooked up chicken thighs and roasted veggies in the oven, prepared crack slaw and 3 soups (zucchini, tomato, and butternut squash)! I now have enough meals for several days. Stashing extra soup in the freezer for next week. Feeling great. No headaches and my sugar cravings were minimal.


B = 2 espresso with Almond Milk, Crack Slaw with turkey

L = Quick Cream of Tomato Soup ( Cauli rice and cubed chicken with half an avocado - yum!

D = Butternut Squash Soup (http://stupideasypaleo.com/2013/10/29/spiced-butternut-squash-soup/) with grilled chicken thigh


Forgot to include 2 espresso with almond milk in yesterday's post...

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Day 3 and no detox symptoms! My energy has been consistent all day and I was super productive and clear-headed.


No cooking today and I had so many things to choose from :)


B = 2 espresso with Almond Milk, Crack Slaw with Turkey and 1/2 avocado

L = Quick Cream of Tomato Soup, chicken, with 1/2 an avo and some olives

S = 10 walnut halves and cup of Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup from Well Fed

D = Roasted Veggies with a chicken thigh and scoop of homemade mayo


It feels good to be back.  

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Day 4 and everything is still great! Super focused and productive again today. The only issue is not feeling tired or wanting to go to sleep. I have been on the computer a lot lately working on a project, so that might be it. Thinking about my late night snacks but not craving them.

B = 2 espresso with almond milk (1decaf) 3 scrambled eggs and cup of zucchini soup

L= taco salad with ground turkey, salsa, and avo over greens

D = sardines and oil over greens, butternut squash soup

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Day 5 and I am cruising through this... Feeling really great! Started to get tired a little earlier tonight which is a good thing. Noticed my nose wasn't as moist - dairy?

B = sautéed zucchini and roasted tomatoes with poached eggs and avo, 2 espressos

L = mixed up a new crack slaw with beef and broccoli / carrot slaw, 15 grapes

D = Baked chicken and roasted delicata squash

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Day 6 and feeling totally grateful for how easy everything is going. It helps that I've had a light work load and have been home more often. Prepping is definitely the key!


n hindsight, I know I needed more fat today and will plan better tomorrow! Nose not as moist and feeling tired earlier - yay!


B = leftover Crack Slaw

L = 1/2 sweet potato and 2 grilled chicken thighs

D = tuna with homemade mayo, lemon juice, and dill on salad greens, 10 walnut halves

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I completed week one and I'm feeling fabulous! Great energy, clear-headed, and definitely feeling good about honoring myself, my goals, and my commitment to see it all the way through - 100%.

B = 2 espressos + 3 hard-boiled eggs with a dollop of mayo and seasoning

L = chicken salad with Mel's spicy sauce over kale/carrot mix and 8 cherries

D = Zucchini, olive, spicy sausage and fire-roasted tomato concoction + 1/2 sweet potato

Love eating this way and grateful I have the time to do it.

Next week I will phase out one espresso a day - not giving it up... Just decreasing the amount :)

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W2D1 - All is good in my world. Ate lunch before going to a birthday party for my niece. Watched everyone eat burgers and fries while I sipped on an iced tea. The shakes looked good but I didn't crave them or want them. One of the mom's at my table just started the Whole30 - her 16 year old requested it, her husband got on board, so she reluctantly joined and is glad she did. So we talked Whole30 for awhile!

B = broccoli/sausage frittata with salsa and 4 cherries + 2 espressos with almond milk

L = taco salad with leftover ground beef, salsa, and 1/2 avo and handful of cherries

D= zucchini/sausage/olive tomato dish with 1/2 avo, and side of cauli rice with ghee, 4 cherries

I did get a little drowsy today - twice. Tweaked my knee in yoga at the end of class this morning and it is still bothering me 10 hours later. My nose stayed mostly dry today. Spent a couple hours reading the Whole30 book today and found a couple of recipes for next week!

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W2D2 has been great. Its funny...since I haven't been out, except to work and shop, I haven't spent any cash and hardly used any gas! I think the Whole30 is saving me money :)


B = leftover frittata, salsa, 1/2 avo, 3 cherries + 2 espressos with almond milk

L = 2 chicken thighs with leftover spicy sauce + 1/3 acorn squash

D = last of the zucchini / sausage dish with 1/2 avo


Energy was pretty steady today. Had a decaf espresso midday. My knee felt 90% better when I woke up this morning. 2nd morning in a row I have remembered dreaming. The excess moisture in my nose is almost non-existent. Not sure if it is the diet or the weather as today was drier and not as cold. My left low back started to hurt a little this evening. Feeling tired and ready to sleep - peacefully :)

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W2D3 - yes! Really great day. Still feeling good. Knee better and moved through a yoga class with no issues. Nose mostly dry.

B = 2 deviled eggs + 2 espresso

L = Melissa's chicken hash - yum!

D= handful cashews, leftover frittata with extra broccoli and avo mayo

S = acorn squash with ghee and pepper

Had a handful of cashews last night too and forget to include in post :)

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W2D4 and I woke up with a slight headache that was gone at breakfast. Energy good all day. Getting a lot of things done which is totally awesome! Gave in to sunflower seed butter today but measured it out so I wouldn't abuse it as I have in the past. Proud of my self-control!


B = 2 espresso + leftover Chicken hash - this is going in my all time favorites :)

L = 2 deviled eggs + leftover broccoli with avo mayo + tomato soup 

S = apple with 2 tbsp of sunflower seed butter

D = Tuna mixed with avo mayo over greens + 2 beets


Need to cook again tomorrow to get through Thursday. Love having soup in the freezer!

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W2D5 - Another great day. I am so grateful I am experiencing so much ease. I remembered last night after I posted that my nose was less moist - whatever allergies I have had seem to be on their way out. Powered through a cooking session this morning and created enough food for a couple of days. Really happy with how organized I can be in the kitchen! Did not eat as much today and didn't feel hungry. It helped that I was busy and otherwise distracted.


B = sauteed sweet potatoes with onions and greens topped with 3 fried eggs

L = crack slaw with turkey, handful cashews

D = baked cold chicken with raw veggies topped with fresh mayo

S = apple with 2 tbsp sunflower seed butter

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W2D6 - Forgot to post last night. 


B = zucchini soup

L = Rao's Marinara with ground turkey over zoodles

S = Rx Bar - Chocolate Coffee

D = Crack Slas


Even though I forget to post it, I have 2 espressos every day... I do want to cut back and haven't set a date yet :)

Everything else is going well!

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W2D7 - 2 weeks tonight - yay!


Today I made the cold thai salad in Whole30 cookbook - yum! Topped with shrimp, sugar snap peas, and extra sunshine sauce :)


B = leftover Crack Slaw 

S = Rx bar - apple cinnamon
L = Cold Thai Salad
D = 2 pieces of chicken and raw veggies dipped in sunshine sauce
Tomorrow is my first restaurant outing - planning on taking dressing, chicken, raw veggies, sunshine sauce, and Rx bars - just in case!
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Day 15 - Week 3!

Survived my first dining out experience today - a family birthday party at a winery no less... I found two items on the menu that I could make compliant, talked to the wait staff about the items, and ended up ordering a compliant burger on salad greens. The tomato, chiles, and avo were my dressing. Added a little oil and vinegar for the greens. It was really good. I ended up having two Rx Bars today because my dinner did not stay cold in my makeshift cooler. Not the best choice, but totally compliant. I was not tempted by the chocolate, cookies, or wine - 3 things that I loved in the past. No one noticed I skipped these items. I wasn't hungry but felt like I wanted to get some veggies and fat into my body before I went to sleep, so added the last snack.


Also noticed last night that my pants were looser, and today I realized by normally tight and sore shoulders have not been bothering me the last few days - this is a huge win :)


B = zoodles and marinara w/ground turkey

S = Rx Bar

L = burger on a salad with fried egg, tomato, poblano chiles, and avocado on salad greens with a little oil and vinegar

D = Rx Bar

S = Sunshine sauce with raw carrots and yellow sweet peppers

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Day 16 and I felt a little drowsy today - don't know if it is from the almost 6-mile hike or food choices... another thing I am noticing is that I am dreaming more... remembering that I am dreaming might be more true!


B = Melissa's Chicken Hash

L = Tonnino tuna filets (amazing) on greens, leftover sunshine sauce with sugar snap peas
S = Chocolate Sea Salt Rx Bar
D = Egg Salad with cucumbers, cream of tomato soup
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Day 17 and feeling fine... 


B = Leftover chicken hash

L = Paleo Grubs Shrimp Scampi on spaghetti squash - super yummy and easy with pre-cooked squash and shrimp! 

D = Egg Salad on greens with raw carrots and butternut squash soup (last of freezer soups)

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Day 18! All is well. Nothing new to report. Just keep on keeping on. Even when tempted with appetizers and wine tonight. Didn't even want it. 


B = Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry - easy and yummy - from onedishdinners.com 

L = leftover Shrimp Scampi - next time need to sauté with more garlic!

D = Chipotle salad with carnitas, mild salsa, and guacamole - my 2nd meal out in 18 days - a record for sure!

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It's day 19 and I am noticing I am getting sleepier earlier - which is a good thing. My muscles are still less sore than before, nose is what I believe is normal, and I am dreaming more. I did have a drug / alcohol dream that involved my mom :- she was talking about drugs a couple days before :)


B = Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry

S = Rx Bar

L = same chicken curry over cauli rice

D = grapefruit and avo on salad greens with walnuts


Forgot to include two snacks yesterday... I had a long day and enjoyed an Rx bar at the end of an evening workshop as it would be too late to eat when I got home. Also had an apple with sun butter between L and D.

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Day 20! Have been thinking about eating out and some of my favorites. And then I remember I have yummy food at home. I am saving so much money by dining at home :)


Tonight I did not feel like dinner, so I just had an apple and nut butter. I know it isn't the best choice, but boy was it yummy!


B = 3 eggs fried, roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts, with 1/2 avo 

L = Rao's Marinara with italian sausage and ground turkey over zoodles (think I overdid it on the meat) + 2 clementines

D = Apple with 2 tbsp sunbutter

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3 weeks... really tired tonight - thinking I needed to eat more.


B = blueberry Rx bar

L = Sliced chicken and avo over greens with chopped red pepper and italian dressing. 1 clementine

D = acorn squash with ghee and 2 beef franks

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Day 22... was really yawn-y today - not tired but definitely lower energy. Had a great yoga practice, and noticed I smelled of fish oil - interesting! Posted on it but haven't heard anything back.


I had a dream about eating non-compliant foods! Was it chips? I had "forgotten" and got caught up in the enjoyment and festivity of the event I was at. I was horrified and thought I had ruined my Whole30 :)

B =  best breakfast yet! 2 eggs, roasted acorn squash with ghee, wilted greens, and italian sausage
L = baked chicken on salad greens with olives, cucumbers, salsa, and guacamole
D = Rao's Arribiata Sauce with broccoli, over zoodles and ground turkey
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