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Chicken bone broth


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AprilLynne, I made chicken bone broth for the first time last week and I am HOOKED.  I used the carcasses from 2 chickens I roasted last weekend, plus an onion, a few stalks of celery, a few carrots, salt and peppercorns.  It's delicious.


I just put all my stuff in a big pot and covered with water.  Brought a boil, then turned it down and simmered on low for like 12 hours.  Then I had to go to work so I put it in a 200* oven for another 10 or so hours.  It is amazing.  I used cheesecloth to strain it, but you could use a nut milk bag or a fine mesh strainer, too.


I was intimidated at the thought of trying it, but it was actually quite easy and the results are so delicious.  This is a new regular thing for me, now.  I have a batch of beef broth in the oven right now :)


Good luck!

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If you have a slow cooker it's even easier. I throw in my chicken bones (mine are usually leftover from roast chicken and chicken wings), cover with boiling water from my kettle (I hate waiting for water to boil), sometimes I add some salt and pepper but honestly I usually just let them cook in the water for a few days :D Mine has a low setting and it's pretty big, so I usually have 1 roast carcass and 1 or lots of chicken wing bones.


If you want your broth to be jiggly, you'll need bones which have joints in them, but it's still nutritious even if it's not jiggly.


I prefer the taste of roasted bones, but raw ones work too :) If you like roasted too, you don't need them all roasted, just a couple gives it a different flavor.

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