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Timing of meals

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I'm hoping I can get some advice here about timing my meals. I did a whole 30 in November and after my reintroductions I've decided to try to return to the basic whole30 guidelines without being quite as strict. But I have a new job and I can't seem to figure out how to fit my meals in.

I wake around 6/6:30 when my kids get up. I eat a big breakfast some time between 7 and 8. I leave at 8:30 and I have a 1.5 hour commute (a mixture of driving, taking the train, and walking). Work starts at 10 and I get periodic 5-10 minute breaks throughout the morning then an hour break 2-3. Work is done at 6 and I get home around 7:30.

So my problem is, if I have breakfast at 7:30/8ish, I'm starving by the time 2pm rolls around. Also my job is very physically active. Do I cram in a mini meal on one of my morning breaks? Also I'm so hungry on the train home and desperately want nuts or a banana or something during the commute... Help!

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