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Day 7 and the headaches are back

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I thought id won a watch by cutting out sugar before i officially started my whole30 so that i could get over the sugar hangover before focusing on everything else. Sadly i was wrong. 

ive had a day of prep so ive been in the kitchen most of the day which means ive also drank more liquid than i usually do. But im settling down for the night and i can feel a headache coming on. The last time i felt a headache coming i brushed it off and went to bed early and by morning it was a full blown "i think my brain wants to escape my nose" migraine. 


Not sure if i should continue with the water and cross my fingers or take pain killers. I dont usually like taking tablets for anything unless i strictly have to.


Is this my body still adjusting to the new diet or have i done something to start it off? im not sure. 



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Hey Laura - sorry you're suffering in this way...

Shooting from the hip I'd say the problem is too little food, too little fat, or too little salt, but it's difficult to comment without knowing what you've eaten over the last few days, so if you'd like to give us a run down of your food intake (indicating portion sizes), along with your sleep/stress/activity levels we'll be better equipped to troubleshoot.

In the meantime don't suffer needlessly - take some tylenol or similar for the headache.

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