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Whole30 = Whole New Mindy!


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Day 1 Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore



Hi All! 


I just started this adventure yesterday. I've updated my food blog and everything to be able to track my Whole30 Progress. 




Some quick facts about me: 


  • I live in Austin, Texas (freakin' great food on every corner, I'm tellin' ya) 
  • Since abruptly moving here in 2013 from NJ/NYC I have gained close to 40 pounds and 2 pant sizes.
  • I'm in a wonderful loving relationship with a guy named Omar, who loves to cook - he's doing it with me!
  • I have bad anxiety about my weight gain. 

I've tried everything. Calorie counting, weight watchers, weekly scheduled workouts, I've tried everything except the high fat/high protein diet. I had always assumed this was not for women - I'm hoping I'm wrong. Please please be wrong! 


I'm on day 2 and I'd like to share with you the pictures I take of the food I make! Follow my blog if you're interested in up-to-date postings of my cravings, emotions, and non-scale victories!! 


Thanks y'all! 


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