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Whole30 Round1 Fail... Giving it another go


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Hi everyone, so I started my first Whole30 back in December and made it to Day 15 before going off the Whole30. I blame it on stress & pure lack of support/accountability. Ever since I've gone back to eating my previous diet I've had uncomfortable digestive issues pretty much every day (which weren't as bad before starting Whole30, sorry for possible TMI). Anyway, I've decided to try Whole30 again but this time I know I need additional support & accountability.

Anyone willing to join a Whole30 accountability group on FB? Or perhaps there are already some groups out there you can direct me to? Let me know!


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Welcome back! I'm not on Facebook so I don't know about those groups but this community is incredibly supportive and it has the added benefit of having experienced moderators here who can help direct you... some of the things that go on (recipe and bad influence wise) in those Facebook groups is not encouraging... We'll keep you on track here :)

There's a group that just started yesterday with some starting today at the link below... maybe you'd like to join them?


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