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Hi! I'm looking forward to doing my January reintro but I've hit a slight snag-- I've been invited to a fancy work dinner on the 31st that I can't skip, and there's a preset menu which it's impossible for me to stick to just one category of food on. I can most likely avoid non gluten grains and legumes but there's just no chance I"ll be able to get stuff that's both dairy and gluten free.


What I'm thinking is that I'll just try to eat as best and few things as I can and then start the true reintro a few days later....


So, that amounts to the "cheat day), 2 days whole30, legumes day, 2 days whole30, dairy day, 2 whole30, non gluten grains, 2 days off, gluten. I could also put a few more days in between the cheat day and the first day of reintro (maybe 5 or a full week). What do you think? I figure if I react poorly on Sunday, I obviously won't know what caused it but with a few days off I'll be able to tackle each category one by one, same as if I were doing the standard reintro. If 2 days between dairy and gluten doesn't matter, why would a week between everything and legumes matter either? idk, is that dumb? let me know what you think. I could also eat a full dinner before the dinner party and then just skip it but I think that might cause weirdness with my bosses and I'm new there so it's important I make a good impression...



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Personally, I would go the route of eating ahead and eating very little at the dinner. At a fancy dinner like that, you aren't there to eat but to interview. Call ahead to the restaurant and see if you can order the meal cooked to your preferences. You won't be the only one requesting special service. Grilled salmon and steamed vegetables aren't that big of an imposition, and then you can take bites in between conversation. Good luck!

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