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Bella Cat

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Hi, this is my second Whole30...but my first to completion...well, actually, I'm in my third week now, but expect to finish without a problem. 


I started "a whole30" in April 2015, but had to stop, day 10, due to an accident (cycling :( )

I'm 53, and an athlete of sorts. I enjoy triathlons, but I'm not high level. I love swimming, running and cycling. I would say I'm healthy and my diet has always been more veg-centred. But, being the daughter of Italian parents, I love my pasta and wine, among other things. My pre-whole30 BMI was on the high end of normal.


Why Whole30....in a word...menopause! I hate HFs, and the mood swings, and the increasing abdomen (even with all the exercising I do). Ok, granted, I know I will never be 30 again (nor do I want to be)....but I do want to be healthier and feel good. I've read the Whole30 book, and have a professional interest in nutrition.


One thing I've learned that surprised me, is that I do not crave sugar. I found it easy to drop the cream and sugar in my coffee (I'm not into the coconut milk in my coffee...it just seems wrong). I kind-of miss my wine with Sunday dinner, but I know it is not forever.


I've found the pre workout nutrition a little difficult and a struggle; but I finally ate a small hard boiled egg before a big swim, and I was fine. It is difficult to add another "meal" as post workout (I've been used to fruit-veg smoothies with tofu); but in this last week, I've nailed the small hard boiled egg and a few bits of sweet potatoes. I haven't fully done away with snacking (a few coconut flakes and an almond or two or four. I've tried to increase the veg in my meals, but I just can't eat that much. I make a cup of herbal tea "my thing at 3 in the afternoon."


I've read a lot of posts, suggestions on this forum, and I've been impressed! Thanks to the moderators...you guys (and gals) rock!



Bella Cat

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