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I am about to embark on the Whole30 next week, and I am going to make bone broth ahead of time.  I bought about 5 pounds (it might be more) of bones today from the local butcher, but the recipe only calls for 4 pounds.  Can I freeze the bones until I need to make the broth again, or should I increase the amount of water and cook it all at once?


Thanks for your help!

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You could do either. If all five pounds fit in whatever pot you're going to cook it in with sufficient water to cover them, I'd do them all at once, but bones can definitely be frozen -- if you ever buy bone-in roasts or steaks (or even chicken bones or lamb or pork or whatever), you can definitely keep a container in your freezer to put them in and just save them until you have enough to make broth, or throw them in with bones you buy to make broth.


Some recipes don't mention this, but you can actually make your batch of broth, strain it, put the bones back in the pot with new vegetables/spices/herbs whatever you put in it before, cover it all with water, and make a second batch. It will likely not be as dark colored, and may not gel in the fridge like the initial batch, but it's still good broth. If you want more consistency, you can combine the two batches, then divide them up and use or freeze them.

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