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February 8 Start


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Greetings all,


Just introducing myself briefly. After about 10 years of health decline and tests with no diagnosis, I found a physician who thinks my gut might be the problem. I have severe joint pain but no RA markers; being gluten-free for the last 5 years helped but the pain persists. My doctor prescribed the Whole30 program as the first step (and even gave me my start date..."Buy the books this weekend and start on Monday. We will make an appointment 30 days from then.") ;)


So I'm following doctor's orders! I have almost finished It Starts With Food this weekend and am really ready for this. My biggest concern is the food prep time, but I'm ready to make some changes to my lazy lifestyle if it means living pain free. My words to her were "I want to thrive," so I was really impressed when I read the section about surviving v. thriving in the book.


I'm ready for this.


Looking forward to getting to joining in with this community on this journey!



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