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So I completed my Whole30 over 10 days ago, and have been doing my reintroduction as follows:

-Reintroduced legumes (in the form of black beans) on Day 1 post-Whole30, without much issue

-Reintroduced non-gluten liquor on Day 3 post-Whole30,  without much issue

-Reintroduced non-gluten grains (in the form of gluten-free 8 grain hot cereal by Bob's Red Mill, as well as quinoa) on Day 5 post-Whole30, without much issue

-Reintroduced dairy (in the form of cheese and chocolate) on Day 8 post-Whole30 and felt a severe sugar crash 

-Reintroduced gluten on Day 11 (in the form of bread, pastry/brownies/cookies) and also had sushi with rice and edamame 


On this Day 11, I had my first gluten at around 11:00 in the morning, with two slices of multigrain bread, and a a raspberry pastry. Later that day, (Valentine's Day) I had sushi and edamame mid-afternoon, a few champagne/vodka based drinks, and then had some (probably a few too many) sweets/pastries/cookies. Early evening after this, I started to feel myself spiraling into a blood sugar low. I felt protein-deficient, craving something like eggs, but feeling almost too uncomfortable to eat anything. I felt drowsy and my stomach was killing me, eventually I ate an egg to help with the feeling of a complete lack of sustenance accompanied by a sugar overload.


I know that I introduced too many things at once on this day. There was some dairy in some of the baked goods, and I had rice/soy at the sushi place. But my real reaction came later in the evening after I had pastries, chocolate (with dairy) and a bit of the batter for brownies I had made. 


Today, the following morning, my face is puffy (though I did fall asleep for nearly 12 hours as a reaction to these items making me crash, and my stomach is bloated (gained 4 pounds yesterday, though I know it's part fluctuation). 


I simply cannot do another full Whole30 right now, as I have a big vacation coming up in the coming weeks. But I am uncertain as to how to interpret these Day 11 shenanigans. I think a lot of my issue stems back from sugar, but I want to try to figure things out. My digestive issues have not FULLY gone away under Whole30, but my stomach pain was significantly reduced pre-reintroduction. I do have suspicion of FODMAPs, for myself, but I want to figure this gluten thing out before testing that. All being said, what is the recommendation? Do compliant food for a few days/a week or so, and test gluten again, in isolation?


Thank you!

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Do compliant foods only until you feel as good as you did before you started reintroductions. Then test just one thing.


Dairy may be an issue for you, but sugar in the chocolate you ate on dairy day may have provoked problems. It sounds like you need a redo of dairy, gluten, and soy. 

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