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Pad Thai


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I only have 8 days left on my first Whole30 and the only thing I find that I am "missing" is my once-every-couple-of-weeks trip to our local Thai restaurant for their pad thai.


Anyone have a compliant recipe they can share?  I thought it might be fun to try and recreate a healthy version this weekend.

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I've been making my own faux pad thai. I just eyeball the quantities, but here's the basic idea with estimated amounts:

Ingredients (for roughly 2 servings)
1-2 T refined coconut oil
1 T Thai red curry paste (or less for less spicy results) 
1/2 tsp tamarind paste
1 tsp minced garlic
1 medium-large sweet potato
1 tsp lime juice
1-2 T chopped cilantro
2 T chopped almonds or cashews
1-2 eggs or 1-2 servings of chopped cooked chicken
salt to taste

1. Peel sweet potato and keep peeling down to nothing to make "noodles." Spread in a single layer on a towel to let them dry out a little. (You could use a spiralizer, but I find the thinner peelings work better.)
2. Chop nuts and cilantro and set aside.
3. Scramble eggs until firm and set aside. 
4. On medium heat, melt coconut oil in large skillet with curry paste, tamarind paste, and garlic.
5. Turn heat up to medium-high and add sweet potato noodles (add chicken too if you're using it). Stir frequently to prevent sticking, until noodles are cooked but not mushy. Add scrambled eggs at the very end.
6. Put noodles in a bowl and mix with lime juice and cilantro.
7. Top each serving with chopped nuts and a bit of salt.


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