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Back again...

Tiffany Precissi

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Back at the end of July and beginning half of August, my husband and I did a Whole 30. Though we didn't start officially counting until Aug 1st we had already started around July 23 or so.

On August 4th I found out I was pregnant (Still haven't released this info to the world but I figure it's safe here) and I was able to continue on with the Whole 30 while still feeling and even seeing results. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my doctor put me on progesterone pills which made every symptom intensify, especially my food aversions and nausea.

Pretty soon my beloved tri-tip (amongst other things) made me physically sick and I had to abandon ship at day 20. Now at 12 weeks today I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as nausea and aversions. We were able to remain pretty good but there have been moments where I have eaten what was quick and convenient.

Except it doesn't stop there... Yesterday my OB's office called to tell me that my blood work shows I have hypothyroidism. So now I have an appt for Tuesday to go in and presumably be put on meds. I've suspected I have had thyroid issues for a long time but our regular doctor told me I was fine. Now that I'm pregnant with #2 I suspect it finally pushed my numbers to the point where they could diagnose it? I have spent since the beginning of 2011 eating Paleo and working out regularly yet I'm still at the exact same weight as when I started.

I'm kind of looking at this as a good thing because hopefully now I can get my thyroid in order and begin to see things change as they should after I have this little one.

My husband and I intend to get back on the Whole 30 wagon ASAP so I will be anxious to see how it works along with the meds for this condition.

Sorry for the tl;dr but if even just one person can relate I'd love to hear your experience or input.

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