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reintro help!


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Hello! I'm on day 19 and everything is going fine so far. I was looking at the sample reintroduction schedule Whole 30 posted and have done some research on other people's schedules and am confused. It seems that on the 10 day schedule certain items are left out and i want to make sure i make the most of my reintroduction and do it properly. For example, here is the sample schedule Whole 30 posted, when do i reintroduce sugar? alochol? Any help or clarity would be very appreciated! 


Day 1: Evaluate legumes

Day 4: Evaluate non-gluten grains

Day 7: Evaluate dairy

Day 10: evaluate gluten-containing grains 


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You are looking at an example that you are free to customize. You should change it to meet your needs. If you are interested in your body's response to 11 different things, you are going to need more than 10 days for your reintroduction because the basic unit is to test the food you are reintroducing by consuming it at three meals in one day and then to wait two full days afterwards before reintroducing another food. The 10-day is the quick reintroduction. The other approach is called the slow roll where you test lots of different things. The big concept to get is that even if you feel you had no negative reactions to a reintroduction, do not consume that food again until all your testing is complete. Sometimes the affects of foods are cumulative and you might not have a negative reaction to dairy by itself or sugar by itself, but if you put them together you have issues. And sometimes, eating a little of something does not provoke symptoms, but if you eat it more than occasionally you will have problems. 

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