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my first whole 30 is done!


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I HAVE COMPLETED MY WHOLE 30!!! That's right, I went 30 days without any GRAINS, GLUTEN, SOY, DAIRY, SUGAR, LEGUMES AND ALCOHOL!!! I did not slip up once, no cheats, no accidents!!!
My Non Scale Victories
1. I've found a new way to eat daily! Eating this way gives me so many things like increased energy, better sleep, better mood, and less inflammation. Eating this way also cut down on the bloating I had and I am starting to feel better with the way I look. Eating this way does not make me feel ashamed or guilty. I'm eating a ton of veggies everyday and all my meals are so delicious!
2. I'm no longer hungry between meals!!! I eat on a schedule now of every 4-5 hours. that means that I don't feel the need to snack at all between my meals because the foods I'm eating are satisfying me enough to get me to the next meal!
3. My sugar/desert cravings aren't an issue anymore!! I used to always have to fight myself to NOT indulge in a dessert after a meal. My brain was trained to think that I had to have handfuls of peanut M&Ms after lunch or as a snack (even if I wasn't hungry) or ice cream after dinner. NOW after I am done eating a whole 30 meal I feel completely satisfied because the meal was delicious on its own!
4. I SLEEP SO MUCH BETTER!!! I used to have bad insomnia. Often times, it would take me HOURS to fall asleep. SOMETIMES I would wake up in the middle of the night and it would take a while sometimes hours to fall back asleep. Then I would wake up MORE TIRED than I went to bed. And I didn't ever really dream. NOW on the whole 30 I fall asleep quickly, I stay asleep, I dream often, and now I wake up feeling rested!!!
5. Before starting the whole 30, I barely had energy to do anything. I barely wanted to cook! I would get really sleepy in the afternoon and would need to drink a coffee or caffeinated hot tea but would still have no energy. Now after doing the whole 30 I have more energy and I don't even need to have a coffee or tea anymore! I feel energized enough to do lots of cooking and cleaning!
6. My inflammation is less which means that my back hurts less and my fibro isn't flaring up as often! there's still pain from when I do a lot of cooking/cleaning so I look forward to subsequent whole 30s to help reduce it even further! I'm sure I have so much inflammation that its gonna take more than a month to resolve!
7. Before the whole 30, I felt like I wasn't that happy with my diet and my body. Now im feeling like im in a better mood, I feel happier!!
8. I've lost some inches!!! In my stomach I lost 3.25 inches. In my hips/butt I lost 1.25 inches and in my thigh I lost an inch.
9. Before the whole 30 I was a huge stress eater. I would eat things like pizza or cheesecake factory if I was crabby or pissed or celebrating something. I wanted pizza because I thought it tasted better than my regular "healthy" food of chicken and veggie. Now that my palate has changed during the whole 30 all my meals are delicious! No need to stress eat anymore!
10. I have so much more confidence in myself! it feels so great to accomplish something that many people don't even dare attempt because they think its too hard!
11. My nails are stronger and longer than they have ever been!!! they look so pretty!!!
I did lose some weight on the scale too. it wasn't much (4.8 pounds lost) but that's still a pound a week which is what the recommended weight loss per week is anyway. However what I'm more happy about is all the inches I've lost over my entire body so I'm going in the right direction!
I have already decided to stay on this way of eating for good, except for special occasions like st pattys day (I plan to drink but will still try to avoid gluten and dairy and desserts). I'm gonna start another whole 30 on Saturday! I'm hoping to clear up my skin further, reduce my fibro pain further, hopefully reduce my allergy symptoms, and continue on losing weight and inches!

The First two pictures are my worst and best photo. so the picture on the left is the day 0 photo where Im "letting it all out" in my stomach and the one on the right is the Day 31 photo where I am "sucking it in". the last photo is where im "letting it all out" in both so you can see the comparison.


cant wait to start my next whole 30!





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Thanks for posting about your Whole30 Success! Lots of people here are starting and giving up lately. Reading your post will motivate those people a lot. Congratulations mate! B)

mantishugo, thanks! yea that's why I posted it because all the success stories helped me during my journey when times got rough!

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