Do I have to follow the reintroduction guide?


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I start my reintroduction on Tuesday and am curious if I have to follow it exactly how it is in the book? I don't know that I want dairy at all anytime soon so can I skip it until I'm ready? How about gluten?


Also, what's the verdict on sugar in reintroduction in place of something you don't want to reintroduce? I found some non-dairy, soy-free, wheat-free dark chocolate that I'd love to reintroduce and am wondering if that would be okay since it doesn't have anything else in it besides sugar/cacao?



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You don't have to follow the guidelines in the book. If there are things you don't want, or that you know you react badly to, don't reintroduce them. In my signature below there's a link to a slow roll reintroduction plan you might find helpful. You may have specific things you want to reintroduce now, and others you do more of a slow roll of.

That chocolate would be fine to reintroduce on a sugar reintroduction day.

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