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My Crazy Life


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I just completed day 1.

This is what I wrote in my journal.

Woke up at 830. Went to Farmers Market. Stocked up on Chicken, eggs and veggies.


Breakfast 930

2 eggs with onions and salt

1 ½ cups or so of garden salad

coffee with coconut mild (about 2tsp per 6 oz) I drink about 12 to 16 oz.


Cleaning. Okay, computering :)


Lunch 1350

3 oz ground beef ( it's the size of my palm and the size of the container)

with Frank's chile lime hot sauce

1 ½ cups garden salad and 1 cup (or so) purple cauliflower with ghee.


Dishes washed, put away, herbal tea steeping. I do miss the honey in my tea. So far I'm good.


Dinner 2030

3-4 oz shredded chicken

lettuce, onions, cauliflower, carrots

avocado oil (about ½ oz)

Franks Chile & Lime hot sauce


Too many kids and noise and too many sweets and pizza. Doing good. Not really interested in their food.

The kids that are going are gone. The kids that are staying are littering the floor. I'm drinking tea and then getting ready for bed. It's been a good first day!

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I have a blazing head ache from not enough sleep. Cleaned up the living room from the party. Cooking breakfast. AND COFFEE.


Breakfast 1045 this was about 20 min after I woke up

COFFEE with coconut milk

3 eggs with 1 cup stewed tomatoes salt & pepper

lettuce and carrots


2 hours at the pool. The water was too cold but the breeze was great.


Late lunch 1600

Big bowl of food (one of my go to's)

3 oz salmon

2+ cups California veggies

½ oz avocado oil

lemon and salt

almonds (fist full)


Took a nap in front of the TV


Dinner 1900

3 oz salmon

lettuce, onion, carrots (2 cup)

olive oil 1/2 oz

salt and pepper

almonds (fist full)


It's been a good day but I am really constipated. I usually eat almonds for snacks. Fixing 2 meals for tomorrow. Need to be there at 830.


Food I'm taking to work:

Hard boiled eggs

Ground beef – cooked

healthy oil

Broccoli to cook at work.

Adding large garden salad from lounge.

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Hi lydia, me and my husband started on Saturday as well! So happy day 3! I've done whole 30 2 times successfully and love it!

Had a baby 3 months ago and allowed myself a little too much into sweets... I need to stop it for me and the baby!

Ill share my day of today:

M1 egg salad with beets and homemade mayo

Snack: plum

M2 shredded beef with onion and peppers, kale salad and cauliflower

Snack: nuts

M3 will be roasted squash, lettuce and tuna salad with mayo left over.

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I haven't kept a log of what I ate the last few days. :(


I have almost completed day 7. On some meals I have been light on veggies but I always eat at least a cup. My 2 go to meals are: 1. ground beef with a sweet potato, ghee and a garden salad 2. 3 eggs cooked with frozen chopped spinach, ghee and tomatoes. I drink coffee with coconut cream and cinnamon in the morning. During the day I drink lots of water and herbal tea.


Things I have noticed

When the alarm goes off, I get up without feeling groggy. It should be noted that I am not known as a morning person.

My knees don't hurt even after 14 hours of working, most of it spent in 15 pounds of x-ray lead.

I have more energy even if I do have a little less patients.

My bras fit better and my pants are getting longer.

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Woohoo good for you! Happy day 10th!

I do have more energy and started to do some light exercises, I've been good in veggies protein and fat but probably eating too many plantains the ripen ones baked or grill... I knoy I eat them because the sugar on them so probably have to go light on those....

1/3 here we goooo!

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I was doing great and on day 21, life got really crazy.

After a long day I got a call that the ex was on life support and we needed to get there NOW. 564 miles later, DD said her last good bye to him. Between the drive and the cousin's cooking (actually the cousin widow) my diet and health took a nose dive.


We are home and I am back on track.


Meal 1:

3 eggs

olive salad

hand full of tomatoes

hand full of baby carrots

coffee with coconut cream

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