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Laurajay's Whole 30 Journey


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I missed where I should be posting every day for accountability but have been keeping my own diary.  Here is my first 7 days.

Day 1 Feeling motivated excited and scared

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with red bell pepper and mushrooms and avocado
Lunch:  pear, baked sweet potato, 2 slices Kirkland turkey breast, handful of green olives
Snack:  cashews
Dinner: tuna, half an avocado and bell pepper slices
Spin 70 minutes 540 cal
Day 2-3 The Hangover
Tuesday March 15
Day 2 : 
feeling tired but always tired after an evening spin class AND did not sleep well (Not to mention the time change aughhhh).  Thinking I did not plan meals very well this week and food boredom from the proteins is what makes me nervous.  I can say I had no desire to snack yesterday other than the cashews.  I am not sure if its because I did not see it as an option or I was truly satiated from eating right.  MB told me to look at Pintirist for meal ideas so I will! 11:30 a little nauseaus.  Had a coconut water. After lunch craving something sweet, ignored it…. I Drank water throughout the day.
Breakfast :  2 cups black coffee 2 scrambled eggs, half of a large orange and half an avocado
Lunch :  am a  little tired, 2 slices roast turkey, butternut squash and green beans and a few olives
Snack needed this at 3:15, handful of cashews and a pear, 4  cups water
Dinner: chicken fajitas (chicken peppers onions and mushrooms) apple sauce and ½ an avocado
I Drink water throughout the day.
Wednesday March 16
Day 3 
Woke up tired again but still did not sleep even with an Advil PM! So my fatigue is not from the new eating plan.  Hubby still coughing and sick and tooooo warm in apartment. Woke up still not hungry. Waited too long for lunch since I ran to grocery store wasn’t back till 2.  Had a snack. 3;50 want a snack think I am work stressed. Tonight wishing for something with frosting and a glass of wine- not necessarily together…oh and right now my favorite thing is almond butter yummmm. I Drank water throughout the day.
Breakfast:   2 c coffee, leftover fajitas and ¼ avocado
Snack celery and compliant almond butter
Lunch 2 applegate turkey hotdogs (not bad!), with guldens mustard, carrot sticks
Dinner: salad greens, cucumber carrots celery
Day 4-5 Kill All Things/ Eat All Things
Thursday March 17 
Woke up tired AGAIN, still didn’t sleep well even after taking  2 Advil PM;s .  Maybe  too much coffee?  Last cup was yesterday at 11 which is late for me.  Plus Advil PM’s gave me some weird feelings…Not hungry so will do a quick 30 minute workout  then eat…still not really feeling the need to eat and kill all things, maybe after a few more days of my boring meals….11:30 needed a snack had celery with almond butter. 12pm, crashing am exhausted….some digestive issues today feeling a little constipated and urinating a lot. 3pm, crashing I could use a nap. I Drank water throughout the day.
Day 4
Breakfast:   2 cups black coffee and the last of the chicken fajitas and watermelon
Snack:  celery with almond butter
Lunch 2 hard boiled eggs, baked apple with walnuts and raisons and coconut oil drizzled on top 
Dinner filet mignon, mushrooms, green beans and a half of a baked potato
Friday March 18
Day 5 
slept better, not great.   Still tired.  Walked for about 8000 steps.  Good thing its  a vacay day for me.  Went to whole foods, it’s a landmine!  Chocolate bunnies and eggs everywhere and baked treats and cheese in the produce aisle.  Who . does. That! Took a 1.5 hour nap.  Really thirsty. I Drank water throughout the day.
Breakfast 2 c black coffee left over steak about 1/3 of the filet and mushrooms
Snack;  had to do it- a pecan larabar
Lunch salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar and a handful of cashews
Dinner 3 sea scallops with Brussel sprouts and baked home made fries

Day 6-7 I just Want to Nap
Saturday March 19:   
I was SURE I would go to spin today, but hubby came in at 8:15 to ask if I was going to go.  I would need to be there by 8:30 to get a bike so I said no.  I was still a little tired. Slept a little better last night.  Got up, had a  cup of black coffee (getting used to it without the cream) and a banana with almond butter so I could go work out.  Did the rower, versa climber weights and whole body exercises for an hour.  Actually got light headed which never happens to me.  While hubby  is not doing the whole diet, his support is invaluable to me, I don’t think I would stick with it.  The challenge will be our first adventure to a restaurant.  Still urinating a lot but I have been drinking a ton of water. Still not a lot of cravings unless I see a food then I 
 about it. I Drank water throughout the day.
Day 6
Breakfast;   2 cups black coffee and really more of a snack almond butter on a banana
Lunch; scrambled eggs with peppers onions tomatoes and a little squash
Dinner; my special veggie filled marinara over zuchinni noodles.  (the pile looked big but was only half a zucchini after cooking, I wonder if I am going to be hungry esp since no protein?  making a baked apple with walnuts and raisons as a side dish. I Drank water throughout the day.
Day 7 
woke up a 5:30.  Not getting up at 5:30 on Sunday
Rode 8 + miles on the silver comet.  Much harder than a few weeks ago.  It was about 57 minutes and lots of wind (and cold about 50 degrees!
Breakfast (actually pre biking breakfast (leftover apple with walnuts and raisons with coconut oil drizzle). 2 c black coffee.
Lunch  4 deviled eggs and some mixed vegetables
Dinner  home fried, grassfed burger and a salad with olive oil and vinegar, and a necatrine



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Hi, Laurajay! 


Have you seen the meal template? You'll get the best results if you try to make all your meals match that, plus you'll notice that on days you work out, you get pre- and post-workout meals, in addition to your three regular meals. Bonus meals, because if you're moving more, you need more nutrition to support that.


Your lightheadedness on the 19th could easily have been that you've been eating what look to be fairly light meals most of the time. Over the course of 30 days, you really will feel better if you make sure you're eating enough, and if you focus on vegetables, protein, and fats, rather than having meals or snacks that are just fruit and nuts or nut butters.

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Thank you for your response.  The days I eat a snack before working out only  its because I don't have time for a full meal.  I will say am struggling with some of my meal planning.  I think I am more of a picky eater than I thought.  I am eating leftovers but am getting really sick of eggs. Also even thought my meals seem light, I am satiated and not hungry in between meals.

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Day 8-9 NOOOOO! My pants are tighter

I did not sleep well again, not terrible but not good.  Not sure what the deal is on that… I do not feel like my clothes are tighter, not sure if they are much looser either.  I like not being hungry between meals! However I am still not hungry first thing in the morning and forcing myself to eat feels awkward but am following the plan.  I think I am more prepared from a meal planning perspective this week.  I am already a little bored with food since a lot of the protein foods I just don’t like.  ( I am not used to eating so much beef, and am sick of eggs and chicken).   A little lightheaded today before lunch maybe I waited too long as lunch was not till 130.  My favorite spin class tonight! 70 minutes,  24 miles and 498 cal.  I  Drank water throughout the day. 


Day 8

Breakfast leftover grass-fed burger, home fries, green and waxed beans and 2 small tomatoes

Lunch 2 salmon patties, brussel sprouts and a small handful of grapes

Pre workout snack, deviled egg

Dinner Did not eat dinner, not used to eating pre work out and it made me feel kind of sick. Will forego pre work out snack going forward.




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Hi, Laura -- I've merged your two topics. It'll be easier to keep track of if you just add on to the end of the same topic each day, rather than starting a new topic each day. If you have any issues or anything that you want to ask questions about later, we'd be able to see all of your food without having to hunt down each individual topic. Plus, you can look back easier and see what things you ate that you liked, or how you felt on different days.


If you'd like me to change the title of the thread to something else, let me know what you'd like it changed to.

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Day 9 Went to bed early last night because I didn’t feel well, still took a while to fall asleep, but then slept long and hard woke up feeling well.  Had some cravings (I think) today, but will not let them rule me! Walked and did weights after dinner.  I drank water throughout the day.  Also had  white jasmine tea (smells heavenly!).


Breakfast 2 fried eggs, leftover brussel sprouts fresh mango and black coffee

Lunch 2 salmon cakes, Brussel sprouts and a nectarine

Snack  2 celery stalks with almond butter

Dinner pot roast with carrots celery onion and red potatoes and also on the side green and wax beans and natural applesauce

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Hey! It sounds like you've turned the corner,at least your lead ins weren't as intimidating as the first week! I'm just finishing day one now and I'm feeling a little intimidated about what's to come. Do you have any tips if things you'd do differently if you were to go through week 1 again?

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If I could start over again, I would plan my meals more carefully.  I did ok, but if you can really plan out what you need at tthe store, what meals you will have wnem and esp/ prep your vegetables.  I think like with anything you learn from your mistakes.  I also would prior to starting read more blogs and recipes from others.  There is so much we can all learn from each other.  Good Luck on your journey!

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Day 10-11 the hardest Days

Day 10 I did not fall asleep easy (again) was awake till after 1 am .  I will say that in the past after not sleeping well I was always starving between meals, and since eating better I am not having that issue on top of not sleeping which is a huge improvement.  I am tempted to get on the scale but have not.  I said in an earlier post I felt like I lost weight but now feel the same.  I am not getting on the scale mostly because I know if I do and am disappointed I will quit. I know I will regret it I need to continue with this journey to learn as much as I can.  I already feel I learned a lot about my relationship with food, how many times my hunger is really a craving and its roots are emotional and not physical. I drank water all day and some tea.

Breakfast coffee, leftover pot roast with carrots and red potatoes and green beans

Snack handful of almonds

Lunch applegate turkey hotdog, saurcraut,

Dinner leftover pot roast, potatoes and ½ an avocado

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Day 11 sleep glorious sleep! Finally slept long and hard (thanks to 2 advil pm).  Woke up feeling great today, it helps that tomorrow is a vacay day. Strength training today.  Water and tea all day long…


Breakfast 2 hard boiled eggs, pumpkin souffle (counting this as a vegetable as there is lots of egg and pumpkin no sugar or anything to remind one of a dessert), it is a nice change of pace. A slice of bacon and ½ a grapefruit

Lunch 2 salmon pattys, raw veggies (peppers carrots celery)

Dinner whole 30 chili (with additional peppers and tomato paste) and a side of sauted cabbage (I know they don’t go together but had it handy…)

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Days 12-14


Day 12-15 I dream of junk food…

Day 12 Not dreaming at all- no sleep again! First its good Friday, a day of fast which I forgot with breakfast.

Breakfast egg, pumpkin soufflé, blackberries and 3 pieces of bacon (obviously I did not remember its Friday during lent)

Lunch many vegetable soup

Dinner salmon and roasted broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and half a baked apple



Day 13  Slept better.  Went to Spin this morning.  60 minutes and 460 calories torched!  Not dreaming of junk food, but would love a glass of wine or some kind of treat.  Thinking more today of what I can’t have , not sure if it’s because tomorrow is Easter, or I am just at that point.  I would even like yogurt or oatmeal….I am grumpy today.  Drank water and green tea throughout the day.

Breakfast scrambled eggs with spinach mushrooms and peppers and half of Aidells chicken apple sausage and a slice of       


Lunch breakfast was very late (after spin) so just had celery with almond butter and leftover cabbage as more of a snack

Dinner chicken, peppers and mushrooms and pico over romaine




Day 14 Happy Easter!  Disappointed that today I cannot eat my typical Easter meal (ham and scalloped potatoes and some kind of decadent dessert)  Hubby asked if we can extend the Whole 30 to 45.  While he is not technically doing the whole 30 (he is still eating Dairy), He feels really good.  He suffers from osteoarthritis  and his pain has been greatly diminished.  This is great news. We hiked Kennesaw Mountain this morning a good 60 minute trek.  It was tough! First time doing the trail in about a year.  Trail up, road down. Drank water and unsweet tea throughout the day.

Breakfast egg and pumpkin soufflé, and half a banana.

Lunch deviled eggs, mixed raw vegetables

Dinner Whole foods Naked rotisserie chicken, Brussel sprouts, green beans, half a baked potato and natural apple sauce


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Day 15 Wohoo!! would be halfway through except for deciding to extend to 45 days…Finally slept well last night but was pretty exhausted. Felt great this morning. Ok not sure if this is tiger blood or not but boy I feel almost hyper!   I kinda like it… J  This is good as I am going to spin class tonight.   60 minutes of spin and 450 calories torched!.  Drank water and unsweet tea throughout the da

Breakfast leftover rotisserie chicken Brussel sprouts and green beans.
Snack probably not enough fat with breakfast so needed a snack had a chia pod from whole foods (completely compliant)
Lunch leftover rotisserie chicken Brussel sprouts cauliflower and ½ an avocado

           Snack had a hand full of almonds before going to spin

Dinner I know this was bad, was not hungry and had a bunch of things to do when I got home.

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Day 16  Tiger Blood!

Day 16  Slept well, but did not fall asleep easy (another always been my problem since childhood).  Have a crazy busy day at work and will be back to back in meetings all day.  Like yesterday I have crazy energy.  Is this it/ is the TIGER BLOOD!!!! Drank water and unsweet tea all day.

Breakfast scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes and ¼ avocado

Lunch, pumpkin soufflé and ½ a banana

Dinner leftover rotisserie chicken, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower

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Day 17 I didn’t jump out of bed today earlier but slept well and feel great! I did try on 2 pairs of pants that have not fit in several years, and I tried them on prior to starting so they could be my gauge. (pink linen and jeans) While they are still tighter than I would feel comfortable wearing out- I can button them and they are soooo close to fitting. Woohooo! I am still not hungry first thing in the morning but need to say, even as a child I was not, so this is not new for me.  Tonight my first venture to a restaurant.  I already know I will get grilled shrimp and a salad. ( I am sad not to get their parmesan risotto as it is to die for!)  Dinner was disappointing, the shrimp was great, the salad was …mixed greens which I put live oil and red wine vinegar. 

Breakfast egg scramble with mushrooms, zuchinni and squash, 2 small tomatoes and ¼ avocado and a slice of bacon. 

Lunch leftover rotisserie chicken, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower  and ¼ avocado

Dinner Tonight grilled shrimp and a salad 

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Day 18 I was tired this morning even thought I went to bed at 9:30 and slept well. I did look at the clock at 4:30 and roll over to go back to sleep.  Also feel not quite as great as I have.  I am wondering if there was something they did to the grilled shrimp that made me feel this way?  I was also hungry all afternoon.  I think I did not have enough protein at lunch.

Breakfast leftover egg scramble with mushrooms, zucchini and squash, 1/3 avocado 2 slices of bacon and half a baked apple

Lunch smoked salmon, roasted butter nut squash, a handful of olives

snack 2 celery stick with almond butter and raisons

Dinner Boy scout dinner (burger, diced sweet potato and carrots) baked in foil, and a side of roasted asparagus

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Day 19, 20 and 21

At first, I saw this as a 30 day jumpstart, as I read the book "it starts with food", I see this is more of a healthy lifestyle that I need to adopt.  I hope I can incorporate some foods from my old life back in on occasion (glass of wine, sugar free yogurt, maybe some whole grain bread and on a special occasion a treat). Time will tell.  I am so pleased my husband has joined in and is encouraging both of us to keep on keeping on!  I start each day with a cup or 2 of black coffee and drink water and unsweet tea throughout the day.


Day 19 took a long time to fall asleep then  just felt ok.  Didn’t get up till 7! That is ok, it’s my last vacay day to burn for the year (European calendar).

Breakfast  scrambled eggs, asparagus and butternut squash and ½ a grapefruit

Lunch leftover burger and veggies

Dinner salmon, ½ baked potato and green beans



Day 20 Today its spin at 9:00.  Burned 480 calories in a very touch class in the new cycling studio.

Breakfast leftover salmon and green beans


Dinner filet, with sautéed mushrooms , cauliflower and broccoli



Day 21 I AM SO OVER THIS:  (not really, not me anyway).  Took 1.5 hours and hiked up and down Kennesaw Mountain.  It was easier than last week.

Day 21

Breakfast devilled eggs and mixed raw veggies

Lunch Fresh to Order market celery (without cheese and candied walnuts)

Dinner buffalo wings with carrot and celery sticks and leftover broccoli and cauliflower

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Day 22-25 The Scale and Mirror are Calling

Day 22 Still not sleeping great but not horrible.  I wish I could figure out why… Interested in the scale and mirror  but no so much as to cheat.   I am not feeling anything dramatic in how my clothes fit (or maybe as dramatic as I was hoping.  Tonight spin class! Tonight a speed drill with a new instructor.  WOW! Tough class and torched 520 calories J.

Breakfast   filet, with sauted mushrooms , cauliflower

Lunch  tuna salad (whole 30 mayo with hard boiled egg, celery and green olives ) blackberries

snack because i wanted see, had a handful of olives

Pre-workout snack    apple with almond butter

Dinner  salad with greens, chicken diced tomatoes, avocado and bacon

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Day 23 Sleep is the same, taking me a long time to fall asleep then waking intermittently.  Energy is mostly leveled off, not feeling the rush I was expecting.  One hour morning walk today lots of hills.  One hour and 285 calories. 

Breakfast  scrambled eggs with bacon, home fries and mango

snack because I wanted something sweet… olives

Lunch leftover buffalo wings, Brussel sprouts and a pear

Dinner zoodles  and spaghetti squash with home made vegetable filled marinara sauce and some ground meat with peppers and onions (did not like the spaghetti squash)

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Oh goodness- I've been struggling with staying away from the scale since the beginning! Is it bad if I'm spending time staring in the mirror and trying on clothes to see how they fit?

Sorry to hear your sleep is off- are you eating dinner earlier or later than usual? Caffeine during the day? Brighter or mouser at night? Hotter or cooler in your room? Not getting enough sleep is the worst, but if any of those have changed it might be an easy fix!

It's so encouraging to see how far you've gotten, congrats and keep up the good work! I always love to see other active people on here :)

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Thanks jlynch88, my sleep is odd I am not  totally awake just not sleeping deep, I have periods of insomnia a couple times of year so am hoping this will leave as its come.  I do think my healthier eating is helping me cope better.  I get you with the scale and mirror and trying clothes on.  Even though the purpose is "not to lose weigh" most of the woman on here I know are like us and you want that as an outcome.  


You will make it through, I have had some days that have been hard (I am a picky eater and do not have the broad depth of liking so many foods that some people on this forum have.  I have also decided I may try adding foods in but will likely continue this for a while (maybe another 30 days.  


I see you are very active as well, so this is great fuel for us.  Be ptient with yourself you will make it through, the time is actually going pretty quick for me...

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Day 24. Well, well well.  Woke up hungry.  Not sure if I didn’t eat enough last evening or if I have turned a corner with the hormone hijackers. Sleep has not changed, not horrible but still not good.   Strength training today.

Breakfast 3 deviled eggs, leftover cauliflower, ¼ avocado and half a large navel orange

Lunch love beats, baked sweet potato, handful of almonds

Dinner chicken fajitas with peppers onions mushrooms and avocado or and no tortilla.

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Day 25    Whaydayaknow woke up hungry again, but still good sleep eludes me…today is day off from working out. Hamstrings are sore!! Too many squats, I need to be careful since I tore it last year...

Breakfast leftover chicken fajita stuff…same as dinner last night minus the ‘shrooms cause they were gone. 1/3 banana

Snack  lunch was taking longer to prepare than anticipated! Handful of almonds and 6 dried apricots

Lunch 2 crab cakes and waxed beans ½  grapefruit

Dinner whole 30 chili

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Day 26 Slept a little better still not where it should be.  Walked and weights this morning.  Body weigh exercises .during breaks in my day.

Breakfast scrambled eggs, bacon 1/3 avocado ¼ orange

Snack pear with almond butter

Lunch crab cake with some mayo and brussel sprouts 

Dinner  salmon, sweet potato, and mixed vegetables (squash, and bell peppers)

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Day 27 Happy Anniversary to my Hubby and me!!! 22 years with the most wonderful man in the world J.  Sleep still not great even with 2 nightime advil (arghhhh!!!!!) Morning spin class torched 470 calories- felt great.

Pre workout snack   1 deviled egg

Breakfast (late) leftover salmon, Brussel sprouts, holy guacamole and natural applesauce


Dinner (early)  Longhorn, steak shrimp broccoli and salad



Day 28: 28 is as Good as 30 right?

Day 28.  Sleep is the same not horrible not great.  I still have some cravings so think I will reintroduce then start again, maybe not for a whole 30 (am going to visit family at the end of May and it would just be too difficult and I don't want to, so maybe a whole 14 then a whole 30 once I am back. Hiked Kennesaw up and down for about 90 minutes.

Breakfast (Late) leftover chicken fajitas

Lunch 2 hardboiled eggs and raw veggies

Dinner Fresh2order market salad without the non compliant item (candied walnuts)

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