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W30 2 Day 1


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Starting my second whole30 today.  I've cleansed the fridge of non-compliant food and will use remainder of this 2 weeks groceries already bought for the plan -- sweet potatoes, chicken, salmon, eggs, Brussels sprouts, can of tuna, spinach, carrots, black olives, salsa, walnuts, sunflower seeds, currants, oranges, bananas, prunes, almond milk, bacon,etc.  Should hold me until next grocery day - Friday.


I did well on my first round a year or so ago, but will admit that I was not completely compliant.  I did feel a lot of positive effects from it though - - lost 5 pounds, less joint pain, better sleep, decreased bloat, more energy.  Recently though, my nutrition has been less than optimal and I just want to dial it back in.  The W30 is a great way to do that...so going in. 


Will post my meals here, possibly in edits...


B -  2 eggs, 1.5 c. spinach, banana, almond milk

S - sunflower seeds

L - corned beef, spinach, carrots, olives, olive oil, dried prunes


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Guess I will put dinner in a reply.  Can't figure out how to edit posted post.  


chicken breast, sweet potato w/dash of ghee, walnuts and cinnamon, brussels sprouts


Roasting beets for tomorrow


walked 55 minutes today with my pup, ana.  H2O - ~72oz.

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M1 - bacon, eggs, coffee

M2 - banana, orange, sunflower seeds

M3 - spinach, tuna, carrots, olives, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, beets

M4 - brussels sprouts, beets, eggs


25 min walk, H2O - 72 oz.

last beginner puppy obedience class tonight!

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Hey jlynch88!  My main tip would be to have stock of go to foods for busy days, which is like every day for me lately.  I tried to do this before I started this time.  1st time I just winged it.  Mine are sweet potatoes, cans of tuna and salmon, spinach, avocados, eggs, beets, mini carrots, sunflower seeds, coconut milk, ghee, Trader Joe's bags of frozen chicken thighs, breasts, and fish.  I'm a minimal food prepper on the weekends because I would rather be outside. This starter supply helps me just throw something quick together.


Tried huge breakfast casserole w/ sweet potatoes, sausage, coconut oil, eggs and got sick of it after 2 days, so that was a waste.  So I think the thing for me this time is to keep it simple and small.  


Last time I didn't start over when I at some small bit of non-complaint food because I thought that was too strict.  And I looked at starting over as a negative thing.  I'm looking at it more positively this time if it happens.  I still don't think I would re-start if it's a tiny thing.  I think whatever is reasonable and uplifting for you, you should do.  It's worth it to be as compliant as possible.  It's worth it to stay positive even if you mess up and start over.  I just feel so much better with this kind of nutrition.


Also, not focusing on measuring this time.  Hope this is helpful.


Good luck!!

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Day 3

made trader joe's supply run after obedience class last night for eggs, coconut milk, applesauce, avos, olives, sunflower seeds, ghee, etc.  Today, I'll be tight on time, work, pick up Ana at kennel, pick up bike from shop, back to work, bike ride after work and maybe walk ana.  


Quote of the day -- "You're stronger than you think"  I saw it on a billboard.  


Hello! Any tips for first timers that you learned from your last time going through? Anything you're doing differently? I just completed my day one, glad to see someone else on a similar timeline!

Forgot to mention this Insta for meal ideas, love it -- https://www.instagram.com/wholespirit/


M1 - scrambled eggs, apple sauce, coconut milk

M2 - banana, apple, sunflower seeds

M3 - spinach, fish, carrots, olives, olive oil, balsamic, brussels, beets

M4 - chicken breast, beets, sweet potatoe with ghee, walnuts, cinnamon

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day 4

busy but I made it here to record

M1 -hard boiled eggs, apple, sunflower seed butter

M2 - sunflower seeds and currants, banana

M3 - leftover chicken, sweet potato, beets, brussels, spinach, carrots

M4 - sweet potato, applegate organic grass fed beef hot dogs, beets


got in 14 mile ride last night after work.  Walks today - 90 mins.  H20 - ~70 oz

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